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Will Allen being investigated by NFL

We all remember the story that came out a couple of weeks ago about Will Allen's trouble with the law.  If not, read about it here.

Well it seems Allen could be in more trouble that initially thought.  The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the NFL has been investigating Allen for some time now.  Apparently, a Detroit bank alerted the NFL when a large sum of money was wired to South Florida.

The problem is, right now, that nobody is saying anything.  NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello had no comment, saying just that "the matter continues to be under review."  Meanwhile the Dolphins have no comment, nor does Allen's agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

This could be a problem for the Dolphins.  The league's gambling policy is very strict and, as Tim Graham of the Post writes, "if the allegations against Will Allen prove true this summer, the Dolphins might have a different starting cornerback for at least part of 2008."

This is a tricky situation for the team, and making it more complicated is that the Davie Police Department isn't expected to turn over their findings to Florida's attorney's office until July. 

So we'll have to wait a little to know what this could mean for the Dolphins.  But losing Allen to a suspension for any length of time would be a very big blow to this defense.