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Early difference between Cam Cameron and Tony Sparano

As much as I usually dislike Armando Salguero because he often times comes off as somebody who has a very high opinion of himself, he does sometimes give out good information.  And in his latest chat, which can be found here, he was asked about his impression of Tony Sparano thus far compared to Cam Cameron.  Here's how he responded:

I wrote about Sparano at the last minicamp and my impression of him was that he is a direct, no-nonsense kind of guy. He is kind of rough around the edges, to be frank with you. He does get to the point, however, and that's a contrast to Cam Cameron. Cameron believed himself smarter than everyone and thought he could outsmart everyone. He could not.

Another thing: When Sparano said he was going to answer the Taylor issues just once, I compared it to the time Cameron was faced with Daunte Culpepper questions.

The difference was that Sparano held his authority a lot better than Cam. Sparano said he'd answer the question once and only two other questions on the subject were lobbed at him.

Cameron would say, I'll answer this once, and he would be peppered with more of the same questions. Authority. Sparano has it, at least initially. Cam didn't.

Salguero makes some good points.  There just seems to be some kind of aura that surrounds Sparano even though he has no head coaching experience at this level.  Why?  It's probably because of the person who hand-picked him to be the head coach of this team: Bill Parcells.  I think the respect players have for Bill also follows around Tony, which is a great thing. 

As far as Cam Cam, Armando hits the nail on the head.  Looking back on the Cameron era, he did come off as a guy who really thought he was smarter than everyone.  Remember the "fail forward fast" crap that he tried pulling last training camp?  At the time, I really bought into it and was with Cameron on this idea.  Sure, the Dolphin fan in me was probably to blame for buying into that ridiculous concept.  Regardless, though, that kind of "nonsense talk " is something we are not going to ever hear out of Sparano.

No, Sparano is a "football guy."  And I think that's what excites everyone most because that's what this team needs the most.