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Weekend Roundup

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend this Memorial Day.  While I'm sure most of you are outside enjoying the holiday, here's what you may have missed the past couple of days:

Just a few days have passed since Tony Sparano told the world that Jason Taylor has no intentions of reporting to Miami for any OTAs, mini-camps, or even training camp and already the rumors are flying.  Over the weekend, there were already as many as 3 teams linked to Taylor, though each comes with a denial from local sources.

A Baltimore radio station reported that the Ravens and Dolphins were talking about a trade for Taylor, but a "well-placed NFL source" told the Palm Beach Post that it isn't likely.  In fact, GM Ozzie Newsome wasn't even in town this weekend.

One of the first teams possibly linked to Taylor were the Chargers.  Adam Schefter named them a possible destination on NFL Total Access last week.  However, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports the following:

The Chargers are forbidden from talking about a player under contract, but sources familiar with the thinking of the team's decision-makers have said emphatically that the Chargers have no interest in the Miami Dolphins defensive end and aspiring actor.

So San Diego may not be so likely anymore.  The Redskins were another team whose name was thrown around in regards to Taylor simply because of Dan Snyder's propensity to collect big-name players.  But the Washington Post reports that the Redskins are not interested, though they do say that the Dolphins have received an offer of a 4th round pick for Taylor from an unnamed team.

What does this all mean?  It just means that we are going to be hearing many more rumors about Taylor from now until he is either traded or until he reports to Miami.  So just be prepared to deal with this for quite some time.  When all is said and done, though, I think a fair deal for Taylor would be a conditional 2nd or 3rd round pick with the condition being some statistical measure. 

There was a very good article in Saturday's Sun-Sentinel about John Beck and how he is determined to prove to everyone that he's a better quarterback than he showed last season.  Here are some of John's quotes from the article:

On wanting to make a good early impression on Parcells:

"I had to earn his confidence, do something to show what I can do. If he based it on a 1-15 team, nobody looked great out there. I played a couple of games in the latter half of the season when things were really in the dumps. I knew he watched tapes but would want to see with his own eyes."

"So, sure enough, Coach Parcells and Coach [Tony] Sparano stood on the balcony and watched me throw every day. I just knew when I took my cleats off they were putting the tape in the projector and watching."

On last season:

"Last season was a rough one. I'm the first one to say I never thought it would shake down like that. That Jets game, I never thought that would happen. I'm not that type of a player. My confidence doesn't get shaken."

"No way this was happening to me. I pride myself on ball security, on being smart, not thinking too much, not rushing but being patient. I found myself rushing, trying too hard."

On leading two scoring drives in the season's final game:

"I thought, 'Holy crap,' that's how it was supposed to be. I feel like now I know what we can do and couldn't wait to put that 1-15 season behind me and get going next season."

Tony Sparano also is quoted in the article, saying how it's a great to end the season by taking the team down on a couple of scoring drives.  He also says that he isn't putting much emphasis on last season and the past, instead looking at things "as a blank piece of paper."

I've said all along that I think Beck is the best of the QBs on the roster and my thoughts haven't changed.  He's worked hard all off-season, raising his release point a little and bulking up to better handle a 16 game season.  But the reason I like this kid so much is that he really does tell it like it is.  He has the right attitude and demeanor to be a leader.  That's what really excited me at first about John.  Go back to this article I posted on May 2, 2007, and read the final quote by John from the radio interview he gave.  That's what excited me most about his selection and now I can't wait for him to go out and quiet all the critics.

-The Dolphins will have to cut 4 players before they can sign their remaining unsigned draft picks (Merling, Henne, Langford, Murphy).  Any bets on who those 4 are?

-New team, same result:  Cleo Lemon still sucks big time.

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day, everyone!

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