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Possible destination for Taylor: San Diego?

What should come as no surprise to anybody, the Jason Taylor trade rumors are already circulating.  On today's NFL Total Access on the NFL Network, Adam Schefter said that the Chargers have already begun exploring the possibility of trading for Taylor. 

Meanwhile, the Washington Post is reporting that the Dolphins have already turned down an offer from another team for Taylor:

And, according to league sources, the Fins have already denied an overture for a fourth round pick for Taylor from one NFL team and may in fact holdout for at least a pick in the first three rounds.

The paper also says the Redskins are not interested in Jason.  So perhaps the unspecified team were the Chargers.  However, a 4th rounder isn't going to cut it, nor should it.

One idea that some have had is trading Taylor to San Diego for wide receiver Vincent Jackson (who the Chargers are reportedly shopping).  Of course, a straight up player-for-player deal likely wouldn't be enough in the eyes of Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland.  But what if the Chargers threw in a 4th or 5th rounder with Jackson?

It's an interesting idea.  Jackson is only 25 and is just now entering the prime of his career while Taylor will likely not play beyond the 2 years he has left on his contract.  And at 6'5, 241, Jackson is a big, physical receiver who would be a great compliment to both Teddy Ginn and Ernest Wilford.  Yes, he has some concentration issues, causing dropped passes.  But he's got so much upside that trading for him does very much intrigue me.

Anyways, this is just one idea.  I'm sure many more rumors will circulate in the coming days and weeks as we inch closer towards a resolution to this giant mess.  And I think it's best for all involved if a resolution is reached sooner rather than later, allowing all parties to just move on and go about their regular business.