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Jason Taylor to skip training camp, demands trade

Head coach Tony Sparano, at his press conference today following an OTA, decided to tell the media exactly what's going on with this Jason Taylor saga. And it's getting ugly:

"This is what I know and I'm glad we know this. We got new information and that's important. I know that Jason is not going to be at any OTAs [Organized Team Activities]. I know that Jason is not going to be at any minicamps. I know Jason is not going to be at training camp."

"Jason is a player under contract with the Miami Dolphins. He knows that. Both parties are well aware of the information. That's all I'm going to say about it."

It's also being reported that Taylor's agent has told the Dolphins on many different occasions that he will not be reporting to training camp for the Dolphins because he is demanding a trade.

So now this is getting very ugly and it's going to be interesting to see who blinks first.

Will it be Taylor, as he gets hit with a fine each day he misses training camp? Or will it be Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland, who will look to move Taylor?

Here's what we know: if Taylor is traded and the Dolphins receive less than a 2nd round pick, it's likely that the front office blinked first. If Taylor ends up in camp, then Taylor blinked first.

The reason I say that the compensation has to be at least a 2nd rounder is because that was what this front office was holding out for leading up to the draft.

So my question for you all: Are you pissed off a Taylor now or does he still get a free pass from many of you? And do you think a deal will get done that pleases both sides?

Hat tip to "Finnatic" for posting a fanpost about this.

[UPDATE] I just want to quickly say what angers me the most about this situation. Remember Nick Saban? Remember how angry everyone was when he LIED? Why no anger towards Jason for being just as much of a liar as Saban was? I was just watching NFL Live, and Taylor, on Monday's Mike & Mike in the Morning, said in response to what's next after the dancing is over with, "Get back to Miami and get back to work." LIAR!!

But I guess Taylor gets a free pass for lying while Saban got burned at the stake for his lies. At least, that's how it seems when I talk with Dolphin fans.