It's nice to see Zac Thomas getting his props from the Cowboys media and fans when it comes to Leadership. It makes you wonder if we let the wrong guy go. I can only guess what type of work out warrior Zac would be in our off season, working out with the team. Especially coming off a 1-15 season. Any player with a ounce of pride would be busting there butt off this year if they had to endure such an inept season as the one with just finished with. I can see Zac now, first one in Davie every morning and one of the last to leave. Mentoring our young rookies on how to prepare your bodies and mind for the upcoming training camp. Here a quote from the article

"Leadership is shown by actions," Thomas said. "If you're making plays and doing everything the right way - doing what they're telling you to do in the weight room, showing up for everything, being consistent and being accountable - that's leadership. It's not giving a great pep talk. If you give a great pep talk and do all the right things and don't play well, there really isn't much leadership there. My leadership is coming in and playing well and getting the respect of my teammates

That's the type of guy I want as Captain of my Football Team. Showing up for Everything. I think I will miss Zac more than I thought.

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