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No "live-blogging" for you

One of the things that I most enjoyed last year during mini-camps and training camp were the "live-blogging" reports from the 3 big South Florida newspapers.  In fact, continually refreshing the page during training camp was probably my all time favorite way to slack off at work.

But now, much like the "soup nazi" rejects Elaine and George, the Dolphins will not allow the "live-blogging" of any of their practices, including this weekend's rookie mini-camp.

Sure, it's not really a big deal.  After all, we'll still hear about the practices once they are over and the writers have a chance to write their reports and observations.  But no longer will we all have an additional way to kill time at work.  Now what are we going to do?  Actually work?  I don't think so.

Anyways, that means the first mini-camp session of the 2008 season is currently going on.  And we have no idea what's actually happening, and we won't have any idea until later on when it's actually over.  Oh the humanity!

Oh well.

Thoughts on this new policy by the Dolphins?

**UPDATE** There are some practice highlights now up on the team's official site.