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Weekend Roundup

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I hope you all had a great weekend.  Here's what you may have missed while you kept busy the past couple of days:

Tonight Jason Taylor will compete in the finals of Dancing With The Stars.  Yesterday, as "dolfanstanley" pointed out in this diary, Taylor was interview by ESPN for a "Sunday Conversation."  You can watch this interview right here.  The two most interesting tidbits from this are as follows.

When asked about the perception that some fans have about Taylor skipping OTAs and the offseason workout program, Taylor had this to say:

"I'll guarantee you this: I’m in 5 times better shape right now than I was the year I won Defensive Player of the Year."

Then when asked how he thought he'd be remembered 10 years from now, either as an actor or a football player, Taylor responded:

"Well I hope more for acting."

So let's discuss this for a second.  First, as far as missing the workout program and missing OTAs, I think the interviewer missed the boat.  It's not that Taylor won't be in great shape.  We all knew he would be.  Instead, the interviewer should have asked Taylor how he can be considered the leader of the team while he goes out and dances.  Or, more importantly, how can the best player on the team not be around the facility when a new defensive scheme is being installed by a new coaching staff and front office.  That's more of what I'm concerned with than whether or not Taylor is in shape.

As far as Taylor saying he's hoping to be remembered in 10 years more for being an actor, I'm disappointed.  I'm disappointed because that's not sending the right message to the team.  It also sends the wrong message to the fans.  However, in all actuality, Taylor is simply using common sense.  In 10 years, Taylor probably thinks he will be an actor.  So of course he'd be more remembered as an actor because he'd actually still have an active career while his football career is in the past.  But man, it sure is a little disappointing (as a Dolphins fan) to hear those words come out of his mouth.

It's also disappointing to read the following quote about how he's disappointed that he hasn't heard from Bill Parcells of Jeff Ireland much, which comes from this interview with the USA Today:

"I've talked to Parcells and Jeff Ireland probably less than a minute each. If you're working in an organization, you want to have respect and communication throughout. I think that's important for everybody. So we'll see."

Seriously, Jason?  Really?  You want to talk about respect?  I won't even get into how completely ridiculous it is for Taylor to say that.  All I'll say is that I hope Taylor really isn't that dumb and does realize that Bill and Jeff aren't talking to him because it's Taylor disrespecting the Dolphins organization by dancing instead of being the leader of this team (which is even hard to say anymore...sadly).

But with the show's conclusion on Tuesday, Taylor will soon be heading back to Miami.  However, it won't be all too soon.  Taylor will apparently head to New York to be on Wednesday's edition of both Good Morning America and Live with Regis and Kelly.  That's also the next day of OTAs for the Dolphins, with the first full-team mini-camp beginning on Friday.  So will Taylor ever make his way back to Miami?  Only time will tell.

We all knew that some kind of veteran offensive lineman who can play both guard and center would soon be signed by Miami following the release of Drew Mormino, and that lineman is Steve McKinney.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the Dolphins will add Steve McKinney, who most recently played with the Texans.  And yes, he is related to former Dolphin lineman Seth McKinney.  Steve is Seth's older brother.

McKinney comes to Miami on a one year deal and will likely provide depth at both guard and center for the Dolphins.  It's important to note, though, that McKinney is coming off of a torn ACL that he suffered in week 3 last season and that he is 32 years old.  But he's experienced and can play both the guard and center position. 

About the signing, McKinney told the Houston Chronicle:

"It's hard for me to leave Houston because this is my home, but I think Miami is a good opportunity for me. They've got a new group, a good organization, and I think they're going to turn it around pretty quick."

"They said they want to put their five best linemen on the field. I can play guard or center. They've got a lot of young linemen, and I think I can help because of my experience."

I do like the signing because he does bring a ton of experience.  He started all but 4 games in his first 4 seasons, which were in Indianapolis.  And in total, he brings 133 games of starting experience to a very young and inexperienced offensive line.  If McKinney can stay healthy, this signing is definitely a solid move by this staff.

Thoughts on any of this below...