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Quick Ronnie Brown Update

Buried deep in the comments section of this blog post by the Sun-Sentinel's Harvey Fialkov is a nice little nugget that Harvey tells us about how Ronnie Brown is coming along.  He writes:

Ronnie is way ahead of schedule. He spoke to the rookies at the recent minicamp and they were impressed by Brown's size, particularly, Jalen Parmele. With an ACL, you never know how complete the rehab is until he starts cutting. He still has more than two months before he has to face that.

Again, more great news regarding our ground game for 2008.  Yesterday we heard that Ricky Williams was in great shape.  Today we learn that Ronnie is still ahead of schedule with his rehab.

Of course, it's still early and I don't think any of us should get our hopes up.  There's a good chance that Ronnie could suffer some kind of setback once he does start cutting.  It's important, though, that Ronnie not rush things.  Having Ricky around will allow Ronnie to come back slowly in terms of workload.  Don't expect to see the Ronnie we saw last season until at least November. 

Right now, "cautious optimism" is the way to go in terms of how to feel about Ronnie's rehab progress.