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First over/under for Dolphins win in 2008 has released their over/under win totals for all NFL teams for the 2008 season. The Dolphins come in with the 2nd lowest total, with the win total for 2008 set at 5 1/2 wins. They are tied with the Chiefs, who are also pegged at 5 1/2 wins. The lowest total belongs to the Falcons, with 4 1/2 wins.

As for the rest of the AFC East, the Patriots' total is set at 12. The Bills and Jets are both pegged at 7 1/2 wins.

But back to the Dolphins. Five and a half is a tough play and both the over and the under pay out less than even money. I think most realistic Dolphin fans would tell you that 5 to 6 wins is probably what we should expect.

So what do you think? If you HAD to bet, would you take the over or the under for the Dolphins in 2008?