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Dolphins Offensive Mock Depth Chart

I recently received an e-mail from one of our regular readers/community members, OnTheGo, with an idea for a post.  He believes that a good way to try and predict what the Dolphins might do on draft day is by taking a good look at the current roster.  He suggested doing a mock depth chart.  So, being a man of the people, I've decided to take action on his suggestion.  And I look for you guys to do the same in the "comments" below.

Today we'll look at the offense and tomorrow we'll focus on the defense.

Now, a few notes about this depth chart.  First, it isn't 100% complete in the sense that it does not list everyone currently on the roster.  Second, you will see some players listed twice.  That's not a mistake.  Rather, it's probably because that particular player could play more than one position.  Look for this, especially, when talking about the lineman.

Depth Chart: John Beck, Josh McCown, Casey Bramlet, Matt Baker

As you can see, I've listed Beck ahead of McCown.  I'm sure you all know my feelings here and I do think John will win the starting job.  But as of right now, which is what this depth chart is supposed to represent, I have John ahead of Josh simply because he's more familiar with many of the players.  As for the other two, I don't think either one will make the roster come September.

Depth Chart:  Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Lorenzo Booker, Patrick Cobbs

This is, by far, the one position that is set, barring health concerns.  If Ronnie and Ricky are healthy, than this will be the strongest position on the team in 2008.  Like everybody, I'm also very excited to see how this new regime uses LoBook.  Tony Sparano has already said he's the kind of player that has to get his touches, and I couldn't agree more.  

Depth Chart:  Ted Ginn, Ernest Wilford, Derek Hagan, Tab Perry, Greg Camarillo, David Kircus, Kerry Reed, Chandler Williams

Right now, I think it's safe to assume that Ginn and Wilford will be the starting wide receivers, especially considering how well each compliments the other.  Ginn is that speedy threat and Wilford is the big, physical receiver.  The interesting battle that is brewing and that will be very fun to watch once camp opens is the battle for the 3rd receiver spot.  Hagan probably has the inside track because of his familiarity with the players and his upside.  If Hagan could shake his case of the "dropsies," then he'd make a very good #3 wide receiver.  However, 2 years into the league and there seems to be no progress towards becoming a reliable target.  Perry, if he can stay healthy, has good speed and is a player to keep an eye on.

I also think the battle to make the roster as the 4th and 5th receivers will be fun to watch.  Camarillo seems to have too much potential to just cut him loose, meaning he'll be battling guys like Perry (if he looses out to Hagan), Kircus (who is a wild card), and Kerry Reed (who showed flashes in camp last year) to make the roster.  And look for things to get further confusing when Miami either drafts a wide receiver or signs some undrafted free agent receivers.

Depth Chart: David Martin, Sean Ryan, Justin Peelle, Aaron Halterman

This is clearly a need position in the eyes of us fans.  However, I'm not sure the Dolphins see it the same way.  I just get a feeling that Tony Sparano and company kind of like Martin and think he's at least serviceable for another year.  Meanwhile, you'll notice that I have Baker ahead of Peelle.  Baker, from everything I've read and heard, is a very good blocking tight end, which is why I've bumped Peelle down to #3 even though he played well last year.  Peelle is a "Cam Cam player" and I'm not sold on the idea that this regime will keep him around.  

Due to the length, you'll need to click "Read More" to see the rest.

Depth Chart: Vernon Carey

Yup, that's right.  That's all we got.  So if you think this team is only going to take just 1 tackle in this draft, you're crazy.  The hole behind Carey will likely be filled by draft picks, undrafted free agents, and June 1st cuts.

Depth Chart: Drew Mormino, Trey Darilek, Ikechuku Ndukwe

Sparano has come out and said that Mormino will have a chance to win the the starting left guard position in camp.  He missed last year with a torn labrum, but was also a little undersized.  He's had almost a whole year to get bigger and stronger and did show flashes during last year's training camp.  Darilek and Ndukwe, I'd imagine, would (at best) be battling for one spot.

Depth Chart: Justin Smiley, Trey Darilek, Ikechuku Ndukwe

Smiley was brought in here to start at right guard and will do just that.  He's a high upside player who I think we'll all really enjoy seeing in Miami for many years.  Behind him are the same two guards, Darilek and Ndukwe, who will battle it out.  Look for a decent number of guards to be brought in to compete.

Depth Chart:  Julius Wilson

This there's a need here?  Wilson has good size, at 6'4, 327, but is very raw.  Look for him to be a backup in 2008.  And you can bet that the Dolphins will spend a first day draft pick on a tackle, whether it's Jake Long or one of the 2nd round projections, to start from day one in 2008.

Depth Chart: Samson Satele, Drew Mormino

Satele is a future pro bowler and will be this team's center, hopefully, for the next 10+ years.  He did seem to fatigue late in the season, but that's expected for a rookie lineman who has started since day one.  Look for Satele to improve and become one of the game's top centers in 2008 and beyond.  Mormino, with center experience, is currently his primary backup, though I'd be shocked if some competition wasn't brought in.

So what, if anything, did we learn here?  Basically what we already know: that offensive line is a major priority.  This team only has 7 lineman currently on the roster, when the typical team has 11-14 entering training camp.  Does this mean Jake Long is the pick at #1?  Not necessarily.  Bit if he isn't (and I'm beginning to hope he is), then I'd be shocked if the Dolphins didn't spend their first 2nd round pick on a tackle.

Thoughts on any of this below...