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Ronnie Brown speaks, says he'll be ready for camp

On Monday, Ronnie Brown was interviewed on WQAM in Miami for a good ten minutes.  Some interesting tidbits came out of the interview, which can be heard in its entirety by clicking here.  Below are some of the more interesting things Ronnie talked about, which I transcribed.  And it's as close as I could make it in terms of being word for word accurate.

(On his knee and the rehab)
"It's going real well.  Excited about the fact that by training camp I should be 100% and be ready to go.  And I look forward to participating in it."

(On where he is now in his rehab)
"Right now I'm probably at 85%.  I'm actually running; doing a bunch of drills and cutting and stuff.  So I think I'm pretty much ahead of schedule a little bit and everything looks promising.  And I feel pretty good while I'm out there working out and I think everything is going to be just fine."

(On if he'll be ready for contact during training camp)
"Yeah, I think so, by the time training camp rolls around.  I look forward to getting back into the old tough grind of things and just being a part of it.  I'm just excited.  I feel like a little kid again."

(On if it feels like it's more mental than physical at this point)
"Not at this point.  Right now I'm in the strengthening state and trying to strengthen my legs back and get back to where I was at before.  I think all the mental part is gone now.  I think that was the first few weeks or whatever of rehab, trying to get over the mental part."

(On if there's a buzz in the building with the changes and with Parcells being there)
"A little bit.  I think, for the most part, the good thing about this with all the new changes is that guys are excited about what's upcoming and getting everything turned around and the anticipation of a new season and get the old one, last year, out of our minds."

(On Ricky Williams)
"We're actually working out now...He has a great attitude and that's always been something I've noticed about Ricky; the way that he approaches the game.  Even though the situations he's been in in the past, but he's always approached the game with a positive attitude...I think he is actually excited about being back and being a part of the game.  I think that's something good for us."

(On himself, Ricky, and Lorenzo Booker being a powerful 3-headed monster)
"I agree.  Book did a great job.  I think a lot of us saw some of the things he was capable of doing during camp last year.  And it was one of those situations where he got in and had an opportunity to succeed and he went out there and did a great job.  Now I think that since everyone has seen him play, everybody knows some of the things he's capable of as a running back."

(On Tony Sparano)
"He seems like a real laid-back guy, but at the same time...I think coach Sparano is definitely one of those guys who have high expectations and, if need be, he'll pull guys to the side and let them what he expects.  And I think that's going to be something good for us."

(On John Beck)
"He's doing a lot, you know.  He's been working a lot and working real hard over the last few months and he's looking better.  He's out there throwing and now that the other guys are here, they've been out there throwing also.  I think it's going to be a good competition and I think that's something we all look forward to as well."

Of course, the most important thing out of all this is that Ronnie feels good, is already making cuts, and claims that he is already 85% healthy.  Keep in mind that he's only 6 months removed from suffering the injury, so that's quite remarkable.  I hope he doesn't push it too much, but it's hard to tell athletes who can't stand having to be on the sidelines and watch to not push themselves.  Besides, I'm sure Ronnie is smart enough to not do anything too dumb and risk a setback.

He really didn't offer up too much else.  I don't think he has too much of a feel for either the new coaching staff nor the quarterback situation.  But that's to be expected, as his main focus now is getting healthy.