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Weekend Roundup

It was a relatively quiet weekend in terms of Dolphin news.  Of course, it was a rather successful weekend for my currently first place St. Louis Cardinals (oh hell yea!!).  But here's what you might have missed this weekend while you were out and about as well as a little Jason Taylor trade nugget I'm tossing out your way.

You'll remember that about a month ago, I posted this story about the Jaguars being very interested in trading for Jason Taylor.  Two weeks later, Armando Salguero (among others in the mainstream media) also hopped on the "JT to the Jags" bandwagon.  Well, now another source of mine, a reliable one at that, told me over the weekend that he knows for sure that there is another team, along with Jacksonville, that is highly interested in trading for Taylor.  The problem?  He told me he "wasn't comfortable" telling me who this team was.

So all we're left with is knowing that the Jaguars and a "mystery team" are seriously considering making a move for Jason Taylor.  But who might this unknown team actually be?  I have no idea.  The Vikings were reportedly interested in Taylor a month or so back, so it very well could be them.  It also could be the Broncos, who reportedly are seeking help to their pass rush.  But there are a couple of other teams that I want to throw out there.  The first are the Bengals.  After losing Justin Smith, Cincinnati could use a pass rusher like Taylor.  And maybe making a move like this would convince Chad Johnson that they are indeed looking to better their team.  Another team I want to throw out there are the Browns.  They will likely be switching to a 3-4 defense following the addition of Shaun Rodgers and I could see them making a play for Taylor to play opposite of Kamerion Wimbley.  

Regardless, the important thing here is that there apparently is another team in play besides the Jaguars for Taylor's services, if the Dolphins do decide to trade him.  And that's good news for the Dolphins, as their return in a JT trade will certainly increase with at least two teams seeking his services.

We all know that nobody really knows who the Dolphins will take #1 overall if they can't trade the pick.  However, Matt Mosley does have some strong connections to the current Dolphin regime as he was formerly a beat writer covering the Cowboys.  So that's why I will bring up the info that Mosley writes in regards to the Dolphins.  

And who does he think the pick is?

I assure you that Sparano is making a strong argument for offensive tackle Jake Long, but Chris Long will be the guy. Bill Parcells loves kids who grew up in football households, and Long certainly fits that description. I'm told that he looked very natural during linebacker drills on his pro day. Honestly, I think the Dolphins would prefer to pass on the pick if they couldn't trade down, but it won't happen. Parcells thinks the money spent at the top of the draft is prohibitive.

Nut surprisingly, he thinks it will be Chris Long.  But it's interesting that Mosley feels head coach Tony Sparano is indeed lobbying for the Fins to take Jake Long.  But, really, I don't think Sparano's say will count for much in regards to the first pick.  I much more inclined to think that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland will make the final decision.  And, like Mosley, I too think Chris Long will be the pick.

Interesting tidbit, though, that Mosley tosses our way is below:

The good news is that I know pretty much everyone on the Dolphins' coaching staff. The bad news is they're not saying much. One of my favorite guys in the league, head coach Tony Sparano, surfaced for a few minutes at the league meetings, but he refused to announce the first pick.

Just between us, the Dolphins are about to plant a rumor that they're taking Ohio State linebacker Vernon Gholston. One of my pals in the mock drafting industry has already jumped on this rumor, but I'm steering clear for now.

It'll be interesting to see if Mosley's belief of a rumor being planted by the Dolphins does indeed pan out.  If, in the next week or so, the media begins to believe that Gholston will be the pick, then I'll be much more inclined to believe that Mosley knows what he's talking about in terms of what Miami plans to do first overall.  So keep your eyes and ears peeled for this rumor that may be circulating.

Here are a couple of quick nuggets to throw your way which may or may not impact the Dolphins:

-The same source who told me that there is another team involved in the Jason Taylor sweepstakes also tells me that the Fins have a workout planned with Aurburn DE Quentin Groves.  Groves is a candidate to play either DE in a 4-3 defense or OLB in a 3-4 defense.

-Speaking of defenses, Matt Mosley does think that the Dolphins will definitely run a 3-4 defense next year and beyond.

-Sports Illustrated's Peter King writes in last week's issue of SI that "Teams hoping to draft Louisville's Brian Brohm early in the second round should rethink their plans.  Two teams with late first round picks want to make Brohm the second QB taken."  Any ideas who that might be?  I'll take a guess and say one of those teams are the 49ers.  

Thoughts on any of the above below...