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The Jason Taylor Saga: Enough is Enough

Listen, I'll preface this by saying that I love and respect Jason Taylor.  He's done so much for this organization, giving his heart and soul to this franchise for 11 years.  He's truly an all-time great football player - and he's an even better person off the field.

With all that said, I simply can't stand crap anymore.  I really can't.  I'm tired of reading about it and I'm tired of worrying about what might happen.  And the media is a big reason why this mess seems to be spiraling out of control.  Think about it.  Bill Parcells and Jason Taylor both have massive egos.  But if this whole saga was kept behind closed doors and the media didn't let it leak out, then this wouldn't be the issue it has grown to be.  But now we are in a situation where neither man wants to let his ego be damaged by "bending over backwards" for the other.

However, now we get people in the media leaking out stories like this one :

Two weeks ago, Taylor took a break from his dancing gig and visited the Dolphins. He visited with teammates in the locker room and, after a warm reception, decided to call on Parcells.

Taylor walked into a room where Parcells was watching tape, and Parcells ignored him. He looked at Taylor and went back to his work without saying a word.

That incensed Taylor.

Considering the egos that are involved here, this is something that should have never leaked out to the public.  But idiots like Armando Salguero aren't also fans of the team.  They're journalists and they don't care what their stories to do the team.  All they care about is getting their story out, not thinking about the repercussions.

And now that brings me to what might happen now that draft weekend has come and gone and Taylor remains a Dolphin.  One idea is the following:

What is more likely to happen is that as early as TODAY the Taylor camp will call the Dolphins and renew its request to be traded. Agent Gary Wichard is scheduled to call Parcells or general manager Jeff Ireland and once again remind the Dolphins that Taylor wants to play for a playoff-caliber team in 2008. He will also remind them the Dolphins are not a playoff-caliber team, no matter what they might want you to believe.

If that renewed request doesn't get results look for more drastic measures on the horizon. If Jason Taylor is still on Miami's roster at the start of training camp in July, do not be surprised if he declines to report.

And if he's on the roster at the start of the season in September, don't be surprised if he threatens to retire.

That's not exactly what Dolphin fans want to hear.  But do keep in mind that this is pure speculation.

However, ever since this weekend, Dolphin fans really have been quite divided on what should happen now that Taylor is still a Dolphin.  Some think that if he actually doesn't want to be a Dolphin, then he should be released so that he can pick where he gets to play next.

My response to that?  Hell no!  I don't care how great Taylor has been, he should not be catered to.

Here's the bottom line on all this.  Jason Taylor is under contract as a Miami Dolphin for 2 more years.  If the team doesn't trade him, then he is required to, by law, play for the Miami Dolphins.  If he choose to hold out, he'll be fined $14,000 per day and will lose out on the $17 million he's owed the next 2 seasons.  Sure, this all seems disrespectful to a player like Taylor, but I honestly don't care.  I really don't.  I'm sick of all athletes feeling like they are entitled to compete for a championship.  You know what?  They're not.  And if this is something that concerns them, then they shouldn't sign these long-term deals.  Instead, they should sign shorter deals so that they can re-evaluate the team they are on every so often.  Of course, this doesn't happen because these athletes would rather get their guaranteed millions and then bitch and moan when they enter the twilight of their careers about wanting to play on a championship contender.  Sorry, but they can't have it both ways.

Some fans are also pointing out how this new regime is being disrespectful towards Jason Taylor, as exemplified by the report that Bill Parcells didn't even speak a word to him when he visited.  Remember, though, that Taylor himself said that he has received text messages from Tony Sparano about his dancing.  So it's not this regime, it's just Bill (who has an ego twice as large as Jason's).

And speaking of the dancing, has anyone thought about how Jason is disrespecting the new regime?  Have you thought that maybe Bill Parcells is pissed off that the face of the franchise isn't even working out with the team right now because he decided to go to a dance competition for network television?  In all seriousness, if anyone is disrespecting anyone, it's actually Taylor disrespecting this new regime by not being around like everybody else is.  In fact, it's probably sae to say that the Parcells/Taylor relationship went downhill because of Taylor and his decision to go dance rather than be the leader of this football team during the offseason.  When you think about it, Taylor should really be the one catering to Parcells and company rather than bitching and moaning behind closed doors about how he isn't being traded.

So what's my solution?  It's simple.  Jason needs to shut his mouth and play.  Use this anger towards not being traded and put it towards destroying the opposition.  Pick up 8 sacks in the first 5 games.  Pick off a pass or two.  Cause a couple of fumbles.  Play great as a Dolphin to increase your value.  Then, right before the trade deadline, the Dolphins could probably send Taylor to a contender in exchange for some great value. 

Everybody would be happy.  Everybody would win.