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2008 NFL Draft: Day 2 Overflow Thread


So here's what has happened today:

-Dolphins take Hampton DE Kendall Langford at #66.

-Dolphins move up to take Utah St. guard Shawn Murphy. compares him to Justin Smiley.  He's an older prospect, though, as he was on a Morman mission. says about the pick:

The Dolphins traded up to get Murphy. This is a good, solid pick at this point in the draft. He's versatile on the offensive line. Murphy is mature and has great size. In Miami, they are going to want to pound the ball and he is not only strong but tough, smart and can change direction. He could be in the league a long time.

-Remaining picks in this draft as of right now:  #176, #195, #204, #245

We'll have much, much more on this weekend's events in the coming days and weeks.

**UPDATE 1:46pm** Interesting little nugget by Ethan Skolnick in his blog :

The Ronnie Brown question I can answer.

He's in much better shape, from what I'm hearing, than he was last year at this time. And I heard a month ago (maybe earlier) that he was ahead of schedule with the knee.

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