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2008 NFL Draft Overflow Thread #2


This day keeps getting more and more interesting.  Quick recap:

-Dolphins take Clemson DE Phillip Merling at #32.

-Lorenzo Booker traded to Eagles for their 4th round pick.

-Jason Taylor "might" be on his way to Tampa Bay in return for at least Tampa's 2nd rounder.

Full draft thoughts on today's events and tomorrow's events to come all week next week.

**UPDATE 8:11pm** The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that the Dolphins have indeed traded Jason Taylor to the Bucs.  However, it's not know what Miami gets in return.

**UPDATE 8:36pm** It seems this report about a trade isn't accurate or, if it is, it's not for a 2nd round pick.  Meanwhile, the Dolphins have drafted Michigan QB Chad Henne with the 57th overall pick.  I guess you can never have too many QBs.  And competition at every position is a good thing.  John Beck and Josh McCown now have another competitor and it will make for a fun training camp.

**UPDATE 9:10pm** Well it's been a fun day.  But I'm heading out of here for now.  Feel free to carry on the conversation below for as long as you'd like.  We'll have, much more on the events of today in the coming days and weeks.  Join me back here tomorrow at 10 am EDT when day 2 gets going, with the Dolphins holding the first pick of round 3.

The day one conversation continues below...