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2008 NFL Draft Overflow Thread


It's been an interesting draft so far.  Lots to talk about, and we haven't even had any Dolphins news yet.  So be sure to continue talking about it below in the "live-updating" comments.

As for the Top 15 Challenge we had going, the final standings were:

Finnatic - 13 points
13FinsFan - 13 points
YatilGinnJr - 10 points
Yorke Hunt - 9 points
boss302 - 9 points
Number Seven - 9 points
Matty I - 8 points
Natalya - 8 points

Congrats to "Finnatic" and "13FinsFan" for tying in 1st place.

Things are going to be getting more interesting.  So be sure to get involved below!

**UPDATE 6:57pm** First off, here's what we know.  The Dolphins have drafted Phillip Merling, out of Clemson, with their #32 pick.  Merling was thought to be a first round prospect, but fell after suffering from a "sports hernia," limiting his pre-draft workouts.  He did say, though, in a conference call that he could practice next week if he had to.  So his health shouldn't be a problem.  He also said in the conference call that he envisions himself as a 3-4 DE, but could play OLB if he had to.

I think this selection means Matt Roth and Vonnie Holliday have been put on notice.

And here's a video of Merling.

We'll have more on Merling, and everything related to this weekend's events, in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins have indeed traded Lorenzo Booker to the Eagles for their 4th round pick, number 100 overall.  I'm kind of disappointed in this, but I guess Booker wasn't this regime's kind of RB.

As for Jason Taylor, rumors are flying that the Dolphins have traded Taylor to the Bucs in exchange for Tampa's 2nd and 4th round picks, and possibly a 6th rounder in 2009.  But this is not "confirmed."

**UPDATE 7:21pm** The St. Petersburg Times is now reporting that the Dolphins and Bucs may indeed have a deal in place for Jason Taylor, in which Miami receives Tampa's 2nd rounder (#52 overall).