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REPORTS: Dolphins have offered Jason Taylor to Redskins, Bucs

I'm sure these rumors will continue from now until tomorrow night, but here's the latest.

First, as originally pointed out by "Layuma" in this FanPost, the Washington Post reports that the Dolphins offered Jason Taylor to the Redskins in exchange for their 1st round pick, number 21 overall.  The report says that the Redskins are indeed shopping their pick, but the Redskins "don't see Taylor as a goof long-term fit with what they are trying to accomplish."

Meanwhile, the St. Petersburg Times is reporting that the Dolphins and Bucs have been involved in talks regarding Jason Taylor:

Here's the latest tidbit I've dug up through various channels: there appears to have been some discussion between the Dolphins and Bucs about a possible deal that would bring Jason Taylor to Tampa, probably for the Bucs' second-round pick. I've also been told that Taylor is not opposed to the idea because he has informed associates he would like to remain in Florida if traded.

The article goes on to say that it's unsure if just a 2nd round pick would be enough for Miami to make the deal.

As we get closer and closer to tomorrow's draft, the rumors will likely continue to fly.  And I do believe that, when all is said and done, there's probably a good shot at Taylor ending up somewhere other than Miami.  Originally, I didn't think so, but there's just too much talk about it and it makes too much sense for the Dolphins not to do it.

And because of that, be sure to join us tomorrow for our live draft thread, which will surely include tons of Jason Taylor trade talk.