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Predict the Top 15

Well, since we already know who the Dolphins are taking at #1, the early part of round 1 is not going to be as interesting as it might have been prior to Jake Long's signing.  So I thought it would be a good idea to try and make the first 15 picks of tomorrow's draft a little bit more entertaining by getting the community here involved in a little bit of competition.

So here's the idea.  We're going to go head to head and see who can correctly predict more of the top 15 picks in round 1.  So below in the "comments" section, use the following format to submit your top 15 picks:

1. Dolphins - Jake Long
2. Rams - Player X
3. Falcons - Player Y

You can also predict trades, which is why it's important to include both the team and the player when you make your picks.  The scoring system will be very simple.  You get 1 point for correctly predicting a player's draft position.  You can 1 more point for correctly predicting the team that will pick a player.  So that means the top score possible is 30.

I'll be sure to get my picks in below in the comments section as well.  Any picks made after the official start of the draft tomorrow will not count.

So what's the prize?  How does $100 sound?  Well, I'm just kidding.

The prize is simple, yet priceless:  bragging rights for one full year.  And you can't place a price tag on that!

And don't forget to join us tomorrow and Sunday for our live blog that will be going on here at The Phinsider.

**UPDATE 1:46pm** I've closed the comments, as too many picks are now leaking.  So it wouldn't be fair.  We got 12 participants, so we'll see how this plays out.