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RUMOR: Next up for Miami: Trade Jason Taylor

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Now that the Dolphins have signed their #1 pick, Jake Long, it's now time for the organization (and the trifecta, to be specific) to move on to other things.  One of those things, of course, is the rest of the draft, which as I point out here is very important to the future success of the team.

But the other thing the Dolphins must do is decide on the fate of Jason Taylor.  And as CBS Sports' Clark Judge writes, the Dolphins are already working hard on moving Jason Taylor:

The Miami Dolphins are busy. While they were working to finalize a five-year contract with first-round draft pick Jake Long, they were operating behind the scenes to strike a deal with another team for defensive end Jason Taylor.

Two clubs whom the Dolphins contacted confirmed Tuesday that Miami is shopping Taylor, looking for a mid-to-low first-round draft pick in return.

As much I love Taylor and everything he's meant to this organization, parting with JT would be very easy to deal with if the Fins got a 1st round pick in return.  However, it's very unlikely the Dolphins would indeed be able to get a 1st rounder:

"We're not interested," said one club's GM. "What, we're going to give up a first-round draft pick for someone who turns 34 this year? I don't think so."

One of the two teams to whom we spoke indicated it might have interest if the Dolphins were to lower their demands, but a source close to the club said it would surrender nothing higher than a third-round draft choice.

That seems to be the consensus around the NFL.  No team wants to part with too much for a 34 year old pass rusher.  But perhaps an interested team could find some middle ground with the Dolphins and give up a 2nd rounder and an additional late round pick for Jason.  In my view, though, if Miami can't get more than a 3rd round pick for Taylor, then there's no need to trade him at this point.  I'd then wait and see what happens come training camp.  A team that happens to get hit by some injuries once camp opens might be willing to part with more than they originally would of in return for Taylor.

But it does seem the Dolphins are at least working behind the scenes to gauge what kind of interest other teams have in Taylor.  After all, GM Jeff Ireland did say the following in response to a question about the advantage the Fins get having already signed their #1 pick:

"It's absolutely an advantage. Because now we can work on what we're going to do at 32, what we're doing regarding trades. We don't have to worry about anything else other than that what we're doing for the second pick on."

Perhaps Ireland was referring to trades involving picks.  But there is also the chance that he was also referring to Taylor and his future in Miami.

So just because we got our #1 pick signed, don't think for a moment that things aren't going to get more interesting as the week goes on.  A lot is still going to happen between now and Sunday.