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Reports: Dolphins/Jake Long not as close as originally thought

One of the most reliable NFL reporters is the NFL Network's Adam Schefter.  In my opinion, he's the best and most accurate of all the analyst and reporters.  And on Total Access today, Schefter had this to say, per rotoworld:

As to reports the Dolphins are nearing an agreement with Jake Long, NFL Network's Adam Schefter says the sides are "closer," but wouldn't characterize them as "close."

Meanwhile, the other reporter I most respect after Schefter is ESPN's John Clayton.  And here's what Clayton writes in his blog on about the situation:

People rushed to judgment on Monday thinking the Dolphins are close to a deal with Michigan tackle Jake Long. Tuesday and Wednesday will be critical in the negotiations because Miami has to determine if it can get a deal done. The Dolphins are naturally trying to get Long signed to a contract for less than the six-year, $61 million deal signed by JaMarcus Russell last season. Sources close to Long say it's premature to say a deal is in place or close. Miami has not started talking to anyone else in the top group of players. The reason the next two days are important is that the complicated language of a contract like this sometimes takes a couple of days to complete.

Clearly, those earlier reports are not very accurate.  And like Clayton writes, these next two days are going to be very crucial in regards to what Miami does on Saturday.

And time continues to wind down.

Tick, tick, tick...

Update [2008-4-21 23:59:33 by Matty I]: Adam Schefter also offers up this piece of into in his latest mock draft:

Even if there is no agreement, Parcells has made it clear for two weeks that Long is his guy; it is not a ruse nor a smokescreen. The Dolphins, to steal part of an expression from Miami general manager Jeff Ireland, have found "a pillar" for their offense.

So it seems Schefter, who like I said is the guy I most trust and respect when it comes to NFL news and rumors, does believe Jake Long is Miami's guy. That's good news, in my view, and I just hope they can get this deal ironed out sooner rather than later. [end update]