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What They're Saying: Schedule Edition

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the NFL's 2008 regular season schedule was released yesterday.  And we talked about it quite a bit right here.

So since I'm a little short on time, I thought we'd take a quick look around and see what others are saying about the Dolphins schedule.

We start with head coach Tony Sparano, who basically states the obvious:

"It's always been critical to win your divisional games, and that certainly will be true when we start our season, with two of our first three games against teams from the AFC East. And we certainly face a challenge at the end of the year, with four out of our final five games on the road, including an international game against the Bills in Toronto."

He does make a good point, though.  This is the second time since 1996 that the Dolphins will play divisional games in two of their first three games, and is the first time this will occur since 2003.

Next, the Palm Bech Post's Edgar Thompson talks a little bit about why the Fins were shut out of having any prime-time games:

The snub of the Dolphins isn't a big surprise based on last season's franchise-worst finish. But even last year's team, with rookie head coach Cam Cameron, played a Monday night game.

It would seem Tony Sparano, with Bill Parcells overseeing things, would generate a little interest, too.

But the real problem is the Dolphins don't have many players to get people excited.

No players to get excited about?  How about Teddy Ginn?  How about Will Allen?  Or whoever the Dolphins take first overall?  

Alright.  I'm being sarcastic.  Outside of Jason Taylor, this team really doesn't have any "nationally recognized" players.  Ronnie Brown was probably on his way to becoming a household name (nationally speaking) until that damn injury (yea, thanks Cleo).  But in reality, we all should have expected to be shut out if any prime-time games.  And anyone who says any differently is just kidding themselves.  Of course, the Dolphins could surprise some people and pressure NBC to flex in one of their late-season games to their Sunday night package.  But we'll cross that bridge if/when we come to it.

Over at ESPN's Hashmarks blog listed a complaint for each team in regards to the newly released schedule.  Below is what they say about the Dolphins' schedule:

Miami: There is nowhere to go but up for the Dolphins, who were 1-15 last season. But four of their final five games on the road is just cruel and unusual punishment. Add in two games against the New England Patriots (Sept. 21 and Nov. 23) and it could be another long season for the Dolphins.

I'm actually surprised I haven't read/heard more Dolphin fans complaining about this.  It's very rare that any NFL team plays for of their last 5 games on the road.  So for a team that was 1-15 the previous season to get the shaft here is a bit frustrating.  But I guess we just got to shut up and play the hand we were dealt.

So how about you all?  What gripes, if any, do you guys and gals have with Miami's 2008 schedule?

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