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NFL Schedule to be announced tomorrow

ProFootballTalk and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are both reporting that the NFL's regular season schedule will be released tomorrow.  PFT reports that it will be at 2 pm eastern tomorrow.

That's exciting, though I usually don't get too pumped over this for 2 reasons.  One, we already know who we are playing, just not when and where.  Two, it's impossible to predict how hard or easy a schedule will be in April.  Too many things change from year to year.

With that said, though, there is one thing I'll be curious about: how many cold weather games will the Dolphins have to play in November and December?  That's always an interesting thing to look for when the schedule does come out.

As a refresher, below are the Dolphins' 2008 opponents:

Home: Patriots, Jets, Bills, 49ers, Seahawks, Chargers, Raiders, Ravens

Away: Patriots, Jets, Bills, Cardinals, Rams, Broncos, Chiefs, Texans

Also, based on how the Florida Marlins' schedule looks, I think it's a safe assumption that the Dolphins will open up at home and then have 2 road games in weeks 2 and 3 before returning home for week 4.

So with that said, which team would you most like to open the season against? Personally, I'd say I'd prefer opening at home against the 49ers, Raiders, or Ravens.