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Dolphins give Jake Long a deadline's Peter King is reporting that the Dolphins have indeed given Jake Long a deadline to come to terms with a contract.  Here's what King writes in today's "Monday Morning Quarterback" column, which by the way, is the best weekly internet column about the NFL:

Miami is negotiating with one player right now -- Michigan tackle Jake Long. There is a deadline, yes; I don't know what it is. But if Long doesn't agree to a deal -- think of something less than the six-year, $62-million deal ($31 million guaranteed) signed by JaMarcus Russell last year -- Parcells will move to his next guy. My educated guess -- which an NFL front-office acquaintance of Parcells seems sure of -- is that the next candidate will be Gholston, the Ohio State defensive end.

Interesting that we're now a week removed from the initial reports about the negotiations that have started and still no reference to Chris Long.  Apparently, Peter King now believes that Vernon Gholston is option #2 for the Dolphins.  I'm not saying I'm against this.  It's just rather interesting.

One problem the Dolphins might have while trying to work out a deal with Jake Long is that Jake likely isn't going to fall very far.  He could go as high as #2 overall to the Rams and probably wouldn't make it past the Falcons at #3.  So Tom Condon, Jake's agent, does have some leverage here.  

I wonder what the "deadline" is, anyways.  

Tick, tick, tick...