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Weekend Roundup: Shockey, draft talk

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Here's what you may have missed while you were busy doing whatever it was you were doing:

Some people actually threw this idea around as far back as February.  But now, it seems the idea of Jeremy Shockey coming to the Dolphins isn't as far-fetched as once thought.  Below is an excerpt from FOX Sports:

Like a persistent cough, or a recurring dream, the reports of tight end Jeremy Shockey being traded from the Giants just refuse to cease and desist.

The latest report has him shuffling off to Miami to come face to face with Bill Parcells, the guy he called a "homo" three years ago. In exchange for this multi-talented headache with two (bad) legs, the Dolphins are said to be contemplating parting with their second-round draft pick.

...Plausible? Perhaps, but not yet all that believable. The report says the trade can be made as late as draft day.

The short little blurb also does go on to explain they are referring to the #32 pick, not the 57th pick.  I've been giving this a lot of thought and I still cannot decide if I'd be in favor of a trade like this.

Sure, Shockey is a great talent.  You can't argue that.  But he's a bit mouthy and is too injury-prone.  Here's the thing.  If he did come to Miami, I'd bet that the "bad character" label that follows Shockey around would actually go away.  I think he'd be as well behaved as he ever has been.  That's not what worries me about the trade.  What worries me is that giving up the 32nd pick is a big investment in a player who has never played a full 16 games in a season.  If the Giants would go for the 57th pick, then I very well might make this trade.  But for the 32nd pick?  I think I'll pass.

One thing I did want to toss out there, though, is the implications a trade like this would have on the draft.  I think if this trade was to ever go down for the 32nd pick, that would all but solidify Jake Long as the #1 overall pick.  Why?  Because I don't think there is any way the Dolphins do not draft a tackle with one of their first two picks.  And if they are willing to part with pick #32, then Jake Long is the only logical selection at #1.  However, the article does say that this deal could happen as late as draft day (if it ever did happen), and I'd bet that it wouldn't happen any earlier than draft day, too.

With all this said, though, I'd really be surprised if the Dolphins ended up with Jeremy Shockey.  I really don't think this move happens.

Here's a story that just won't die.  This idea that the Dolphins will decide to pass on the #1 overall pick and then make their selection sometime between picks 2 and 4 seems to be making its rounds throughout the mainstream media.  Of course, we were talking about this idea as far back as February here in this diary.  But now the Sun-Sentinel has picked up the story.  And like many of us have already said, the article points out that Miami passing on the pick is very highly doubtful.  And they use the same reasons we used back in February.  Below are some quotes from different people regarding this highly unlikely idea.

Former GM Ron Wolf, who is also a close friend of Bill Parcells, says:

"I wouldn't think it would be an intelligent move, no. I don't know why anybody would do that."

"It puts a negative spin on your organization. You're trying to be positive. Miami has the first pick. They've got a whole new regime there. ... The object is to get a good player so that you can compete and be representative in a very short period or someone else will be sitting in your chair."

An "anonymous agent" says:

"Goodell would shove his foot up the butts of [GM] Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells [if that happened]. It's absolutely atrocious. It makes a mockery of the draft process and of the collective-bargaining agreement. ... I think it's beyond realistic, and I'd advise against any team doing it. If it was my client they took at No. 5, I would want first overall pick money or my kid's not reporting to training camp.

Agent Leigh Steinberg says:

"There's no value in doing that. The Chargers in 2004 made a tremendous trade, getting rid of a player they didn't want in [No. 1] Eli Manning for [No. 4] Philip Rivers, and he got a bundle for it. There still could be somebody who covets Bill's place ..."

Agent Dan Cantor says:

"It's not going to happen. The Dolphins owe it to their fans to have a decisive, rock-solid 100 percent consensus on a player to become the face of this franchise, and that's what they're going to do."

So can we end this ridiculous talk now?  The Dolphins will not decide to pass on the pick.  As you can see from the agents' responses, whoever the Dolphins pick will likely end up holding out, something we know Wayne Huizenga hates.  And now with a new 50% owner in Miami as well, why would this new regime take a risk like this and pass on the pick?  The bottom line is that it will not happen.  We all said so back in February, and now the mainstream media needs to just let this go and put it to bed.


-The Dolphins still feel like they need to add some WR help behind their top three guys of Ted Ginn, Ernest Wilford, and Dereka Hagan.  They recently have invited some more WR prospects to Davie.

-Keyshawn Johnson is still thinking about returning to the NFL and believes the Dolphins would take him if he decided to indeed make a return to the field.

-Omar Kelly believes the Dolphins will take Jake Long at #1 and then Chad Henne at #32.  Then with #57, Kelly writes that Dan Connor, James Hardy, and Trevor Laws are potential targets of Miami.  Problem here, in my opinion, is that both Connor and Hardy will be long gone by #57.  Wouldn't it just be smarter to take Hardy or Connor at #32?

As always, your thoughts below...