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Video Time!

It's Saturday, which means it's time for a video. At the risk of people saying I have a "man-crush" on John Beck, below is a video of John's final performance of the 2007 season against the Bengals. Notice how much better he looks compared to his outings against the Jets and Bills. Could it be it's because he had time to throw? Very possible. Of course, the Bengals were also sitting back with a big lead, but nonetheless, it's fun to see how accurate John is when he has time to get his feet.

Two throws in particular I want to highlight. The first is at about 1:15 of the video on a 3rd and 4 play. John drops back, plants his feet, and throws a strong and accurate pass to Greg Camarillo running the skinny post to gain about 13. The other is at 1:42 of the video. Beck throws a beautiful pass to Derek Hagan, who is open down the seam in between 3 or 4 Bengal defenders. Again, John has time to drop back, set his feet, and deliver a pass with just the right amount of speed and touch to pick up 22 yards.

Barring any breaking Dolphins news, I'll see you back here Sunday night/Monday morning. Have a good weekend, all!