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RUMOR: Jason Taylor to be traded to Jaguars?

Update [2008-3-6 0:8:3 by Matty I]: Some people have e-mailed me asking about the cap implications of trading Taylor. From what I can find, it seems as though Taylor is owed a prorated bonus of $2.02 million in both 2008 and 2009. So the Dolphins would take a $4.04 million cap hit by trading him. But considering his salary for 2008 is $7.5 million with a $500,000 bonus due, Miami would still be clearing space by trading him. And if you're looking for more on this potential trade, check out Chris's latest post over at Big Cat Country. Also note, I've reset the timestamp of this article to keep it as the first post. It was originally posted at 8:41 pm est. [end update]

And this Jason Taylor saga continues.

Yesterday, Taylor told ESPN's Kenny Mayne the following:

"I have no idea where that [story] started, how it started. People are looking for stories but I'm the wrong person to ask because Bill and [Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland] call the shots there and neither have spoken to me."

"I'm under contract, so until I am told otherwise I am a member of the Dolphins. The thing is, I haven't talked to anybody. Everyone is talking to everybody else about me but no one is talking to me."

However, with all this said, Pro Football Weekly believes that this isn't the case and that Taylor wants out of Miami:

Jason Taylor wants out of Miami and Bill Parcells isn't telling the truth. That's what one team insider told us regarding the saga in Miami. Since being hired to facilitate the Dolphins' football operations in December, Parcells has been conspicuously quiet in the public forum. So when he commented recently that Taylor will either be in Miami next season or retire, a few eyebrows were raised. But according to a source, Parcells was simply trying to delay a second wave of criticisms that he is purging the team of its long-time nucleus, criticisms that started when he released venerable but injury-prone MLB Zach Thomas last month.

Now, PFW says that they believe a possible return to Miami for Taylor could be 2nd and 4th round picks.  But what they don't mention is where Taylor could land.

We've heard all along that the Vikings could make a move for Taylor.  We've also heard the Packers could.  And now that they will get some more cap space following Brett Favre's retirement, maybe Green Bay will make a run.

But I've been told by a rather trustworthy source that the Jacksonville Jaguars are very much involved in talks with the Dolphins about Jason Taylor.  In fact, a move could be made by the Jaguars sooner rather than later.  

Right now, based on what I'm hearing, I'd go as far as saying the Jaguars are the front-runners for Jason Taylor.  So if you want to check up on the Jaguars side of things, head over to Big Cat Country.

More on this as I hear it.