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Dolphins pick up two draft picks; and other notes

The compensatory picks have been released and the Dolphins have picked up 2 additional draft picks.

However, they aren't anything spectacular.

For losing the likes of Sammy Morris, David Bowens, and a few others, the Dolphins received an additional 6th round pick (204th overall) and an additional 7th round pick (245th overall).

Sure, it's nothing special.  But these late round picks can eventually become solid contributors, especially with solid talent evaluators running the show.

Other Notes from Owners Meetings

-The primetime games for week one have been announced. The Giants will host the Redskins on Thursday, September 4 in the season's first regular season game. Week 1's Sunday Night game will be the Colts hosting the Bears. Monday Night will feature a double header yet again, with the Packers hosting the Vikings at 7 pm eastern, followed by the Broncos visiting the Raiders at 10:15 pm eastern.

-The 50% sale of the Dolphins to Stephen Ross has been approved by a unanimous vote. As expected, Wayne Huizenga will remain the managing partner for now and no timetable has been set for when Ross will take charge.