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Calvin Pace signs with Jets

ESPN's Len Pasquarelli reports that the Jets have signed Calvin Pace to a 6 year, $42 million deal. The deal reportedly includes a ridiculous $22 million in guaranteed money.

For that much money, I'm very thankful the Dolphins did not sign this guy. Sure, he's had 1 very solid season in his only season as a 3-4 OLB. But that's truly ridiculous money. I'm shocked he got that much.

So where do the Dolphins go from here? For one thing, I think this just about seals Jason Taylor's fate. Barring any shocking move by Miami or an insane trade offer from another team, you have to assume Taylor returns to Miami in 2008.

I would also expect the Dolphins to sign Darryl Blackstock to a deal soon to provide depth at the OLB position.

This also has to mean that Chris Long is back in contention as a possibility with the #1 pick overall.

Personally, I'm just glad this is all over. Now Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland can move on and look to invest the money they were going to invest in Pace elsewhere. This team has many holes to fill and I'm glad the Dolphins didn't make the mistake of committing $22+ million in guarantees to him.

One last thing. Did this division get much better in free agency or what? The Dolphins, Jets, and Bills have all improved their teams significantly. Meanwhile, the Pats have lost Asante Samuel, Randall Gay, and Donte Stallworth while Jabar Gaffney remains a free agent. This should make for a more interesting divisional race, if nothing else.

Thoughts on all this?