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Calvin Pace Monday Update

Here's the latest on "Calvin Pace Watch 2008," courtesy of Armando Salguero:

He is still searching, hoping, waiting for that magic $20 million guaranteed money figure from either the Jets or Dolphins and apparently NEITHER team is there yet...Because the money isn't quite where Pace hoped yet, his agent is trying to play one team against the other and including the possibility of adding another team in the mix: The Cincinnati Bengals. But don't worry about the Bengals because they don't traditionally overpay.

Pace is also said to be mulling lifestyle issues. He loved South Florida's weather and was impressed when he met Bill Parcells. He's a Detroit native but lives in Atlanta so he also likes the idea of being closer to home.

Man, how much longer does this have to be dragged out?  After Lance Briggs signed for just $6 million per year and just $12 million in guaranteed money over those 6 years, Calvin needs to realize that no team is going to offer him that $20 million in guarantees that he's looking for.

Regardless, we continue to wait...