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Dolphins sign safety Chris Crocker

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Dolphins have signed free agent safety Chris Crocker to a 1 year, $1.15 million deal that includes $300,000 in guaranteed money.  

Crocker is 28 years old and spent the last 2 seasons in Atlanta after starting his career in Cleveland and spending 3 seasons there.  I don't know too much about him.  So I went to various sites and read up on him and found that others don't know much about him, either.  One site said that he's good in pass coverage but struggles as a tackler and against the run.  Meanwhile, another site claims he's solid against the run but is a liability in coverage.  So who knows?

Personally, from looking at his stats and measurables, I'm led to believe that he's better in coverage than against the run.  I say this because he's a bit small, at 5'11 and just 192 pounds, and he had a career high in interceptions (3) and pass deflections (11) in 2007.  

Rotoworld goes on to say that Crocker will add competition to Yeremiah Bell and Keith Davis at the strong safety spot while also adding depth and acting as insurance for Jason Allen (in case he regresses as he's been known to).  However, I'd bet that he'll have more of a chance at starting at the free safety position than at the strong safety position because of his size (or lack thereof).

The only other piece of info I have on Crocker comes from Walter, where they rank him 5th out of the potential free agents this offseason at the safety position:

Chris Crocker isn't the best safety in the world, but he's a solid, capable starter. The Falcons have way too many needs to look for an upgrade, so they should re-sign him if he's not asking for too much.

Thoughts on this move?