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Jason Taylor: the dancer and the football player

First off, let's start with Jason Taylor, the football player. Armando Salguero has posted a new article in his blog that talks about the possibility of Jason Taylor being traded to the Jaguars:

I have been told by one NFL scout and one NFL assistant coach that Jacksonville coach Jack Del Rio (pictured) likes the idea of trading for Taylor. I am not sure exactly how far Del Rio has gone with this -- be it considering it and discarding the idea or actually pursuing the issue.

But I do know the scenario of adding Taylor has been on the coach's mind. I will continue snooping around with some league sources and ask Del Rio about it directly at the NFL's annual meeting in Palm Beach next week. We'll soon find out if there is fire associated with this smoke.

Now, not to pat myself on the back too much, but I actually talked about the Jaguars having high interest in trading for Taylor in this article posted back on March 6:

But I've been told by a rather trustworthy source that the Jacksonville Jaguars are very much involved in talks with the Dolphins about Jason Taylor. In fact, a move could be made by the Jaguars sooner rather than later.

Right now, based on what I'm hearing, I'd go as far as saying the Jaguars are the front-runners for Jason Taylor.

So as you can see, Armando is a little late to the party here.

Anyways, the fact that Salguero is talking about it could mean that this talk is picking up some more steam. I wonder if any trade for Jason, though, is being put off because a team doesn't want to take the risk of trading for a player who could possibly injure himself in a dance competition.

Or maybe one of the holdups, as pointed out by Armando, is that the Jaguars pick rather low. It's not likely they would give up their 1st rounder, pick 26 overall. But their 2nd rounder, pick 58 overall, might not be enough to entice the Dolphins. So it'll be interesting to see where this goes leading up to April 26.

As for Jason Taylor, the dancer, you can click the "Read More" link right below to see his performance from last night. Clearly, Jason is going to be on that show for a decent amount of time and could even win the whole damn thing. Who knew?

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