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Calvin Pace Update

Well we are all still wondering what the hell is going on with Calvin Pace is New York.  The latest blurb about the situation comes from Rick Cimini of the Daily News:

The Jets could get a decision from Cards OLB Calvin Pace, who is in town for a visit. The Dolphins also are involved with Pace, creating a pupil-versus-teacher bidding war - Mike Tannenbaum vs. Bill Parcells. I'm hearing the Jets have an excellent chance to land him, with the guaranteed money approaching $20 million. That's sick money for a player with less than two seasons of starting experience. (I can hear the cynics, saying, "Big deal, they pay that much to rookies.") Pace (6-4, 272), drafted in the first round in 2003 as a defensive end, has started less than 1-1/2 seasons at linebacker, but the 3-4 teams are fawning over him.

So could the Jets now be the front runners for him?  Maybe, especially when you consider Jason Taylor isn't going anywhere anymore according to Parcells.  

What is clear, though, is that the Dolphins seem like they won't blow all their cash on Pace.  If the Jets are offering $20 million in guaranteed money, then Pace will probably sign with the Jets.  But we should find out more later today.