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Saturday Updates on Free Agency

Update [2008-3-1 14:43:51 by Matty I]: Here's a good little piece of news from the Cardinals official website:

I got a text from Calvin Pace this morning saying he has not agreed to any contract yet. So that would mean the report that he is a Dolphin is premature. It doesn't mean he won't end up in Miami, but again, nothing is final. Just thought I would throw that update out there, after all the confusion of Friday night. Pace is supposed to visit the Jets today.

Not really "new" news, but still, it's something. I hope my sinking feeling is wrong and Pace is in aqua and orange in 2008, but I'm feeling uneasy about it. [end update]

Update [2008-3-1 14:20:38 by Matty I]: Just some news on Calvin Pace as we await a decision. Chris Mortensen was on ESPN Radio in NY about an hour or so ago. Speaking about Pace, he said that both the Jets and Dolphins are aggressively going after him. One thing the Jets plan to do, according to Mort, is to give Pace a helicopter tour of Manhattan. Interesting idea. Maybe it's just the eternal pessimist in me, but I got a feeling Pace ends up in NY. Oh, and a thanks to PhinsideU for e-mailing me this info. [end update]

So as we all await and see if the Dolphins will be able to land, the Dolphins continue to be active in free agency.

The East Valley Tribune, a Phoenix newspaper, is reporting that the Dolphins are interested in linebacker Darryl Blackstock.  Blackstock will be 25 in May and is a 3 year veteran in this league with the Cardinals.  Last season, Blackstock was unable to beat out Calvin Pace as the starting strong side linebacker.  At 6'3, 240, some might say he's undersized for a Bill Parcells' linebacker.  But he'd likely be a cheap option to provide depth and would contribute on special teams.  If you'll remember, though, Blackstock was a highly touted pass rusher coming out of Virginia back in 2005.  However, he never got into the right system in Arizona, much like Calvin Pace, until last year.  And by that time, he was unable to pass Pace on the depth chart.

Speaking of Pace, I don't think there's any connection at all between Miami showing interest in Blackstock and Calvin Pace's eventual decision.  It's just as likely that both could end up in Miami as it is that neither lands with the Dolphins.

Moving on, one of FinHeaven's most trusted and respected contributors, Boomer, is reporting that both Marques Douglass and Eugene Wilson are at the Dolphins' facility in Davie today.  Here's the link to his thread on FH.  I suggest checking it out, as Boomer is as reliable of a source as there seems to be in regards to Dolphins news.

That's all for now.  This should be a fun weekend.

Oh, and incase you've lost track of all of Miami's signings from yesterday, check out the quick guide we've set up by clicking on the link in the right sidebar.