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Chad Johnson at it again

Yesterday was a big day for Chad Johnson it seems.  He interviewed with the NFL Network, speaking "in code."  His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, claims he's trying to fix things with the Bengals behind the scenes.  Oh, and Johnson shoved a league official to the ground.  Yup, a big day.

First, here's an excerpt about some of this courtesy of John Clayton:

Drew Rosenhaus, Johnson's agent, was in attendance at Thursday's practice. He said he is quietly working behind the scenes to fix the situation. Johnson isn't giving him much help. He was prickly dealing with the media Thursday, which is unusual for one of the most accessible players in the sport.

In the NFL Network interview, Johnson seemingly talked in code. With no follow up questions, it was hard to get his point. Johnson said he wanted those in the Bengals organization who have been speaking out against him to go public with their complaints. He said he was hearing them for 16 weeks.

"But now I don't hear them," Johnson said. "Where are you at now? It's time to let it out. The only voice I hear is mine."

So he clearly still wants out of Cincinnati.  But doing things like what Alex Marvez reports Johnson did won't help his case any:

When finished, "Ocho Cinco" would say nada to every non-NFL owned news outlet. That made independent media members -- those who Johnson should have wanted in his corner -- much less sympathetic to his plight.

It gets better.

Before leaving, Johnson was stopped by a member of the league's media relations department (Michael Lipman) for me and another reporter. I asked Johnson whether he was having a better off-season after venting some of his frustration publicly at the Super Bowl.

Johnson walked off without answering the question. Lipman tried speaking with him again, only to get shoved. The much-bigger Johnson then stared down Lipman before stepping onto a jitney headed toward the players' hotel.

Aye!  Not good, Chad.  If he's trying to still finagle a trade out of Cincinnati, he has to stop doing stupid things like this.  Bill Parcells is less likely to "stop playin'" if he reads about these kinds of antics by Johnson.

So what does any of this have to do with the Dolphins?  Well, in Clayton's piece, he reports the following:

The Bengals don't plan to trade Johnson. They also don't plan to get a new contract. He's suggested trades to the Washington Redskins or the Miami Dolphins.

My best guess is still that he won't be traded.  But to be honest, shoving a league media official wouldn't stop me from trading for Chad.  After all, he's never been in trouble off the field.  And if this is the worst thing he ever does, I'll live with it.  After all, he is that damn talented.