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Reader E-mails

I got some more e-mails, so let's get to them right now.

Alright, I love Jason Taylor but I think that the team should strongly consider trading him.  Since we are in rebuilding mode and DE's are considered a prized position that commands a very high salary right now we could get 1st round and 3rd round picks for him.  He is 33 and his career can only go downhill from here.  He also gets paid about $7,750,000 and he counts as $9,464,625 against the cap.  Signed through 2009 there are teams out there who would salivate over the idea of getting Taylor.  Would it be worth it for the Dolphins to consider a trade with say Cincinnati with Taylor for Chad Johnson and a first round pick?  The Bengals need defensive help and we need offensive help.

First thing's first.  You ask if it would be "worth it" for the Dolphins to consider a trade like this.  At first thought, I'd say it definitely would be.  Most fans would love the idea of trading Taylor for a 1st round pick.  So getting Cincy's first rounder AND Chad Johnson would be an absolute steal if you ask me.  I love JT just as much as the next fan, but this would go a long way towards two things the Dolphins have to do.  They would be getting younger, acquiring an additional first round pick.  They would also get more dangerous offensively by acquiring "Ocho Cinco."

However, I wouldn't see any way whatsoever that the Bengals would offer a deal like this.  We know already that the Bengals don't even really want to trade Johnson, despite his best efforts basically campaigning for a trade during Super Bowl week.  So why in the world would they be willing to surrender Johnson AND their first round pick to get Taylor?  Sure, Taylor addresses a need they have, especially considering their best pass-rusher, Justin Smith, is a free agent.  But they would be giving up too much for Taylor.  Remember, we look at Taylor differently than most because we're fans at heart.  Fact of the matter is, however, that Taylor is an absolute star on the downside of his career.  Johnson, meanwhile, is still in his prime.  I wouldn't be absolutely shocked if a Taylor for Johnson swap was considered.  But the picks involved certainly wouldn't be 1st rounders.

Hey just a Dolphin fan with a question to ask you. Which of the rumored trades do you think is best?
A) Roy Williams and 1st pick(15) for Dolphins 1st pick
B) Chad Johnson and 1st pick(9) for Dolphins 1st pick
C) Marion Barber and 2 1st picks(22 & 28) for Dolphins 1st pick

Good question.  Again, much of this is pure speculation and rumor.  But it's fun to debate.

Of those three options, I'd definitely say I'd prefer the deal for Roy Williams.  In my opinion, Williams is just as talented as Chad Johnson.  And he's only 26 years old.  Oh, and he's in no way a distraction or disruption of team chemistry, like Chad Johnson might be.  

And as far as the draft implications of that trade, the Dolphins would have a choice of talented players who would fill a need at the #15 spot.  Ryan Clady and Jeff Otah could be available to solidify the OT spot.  Kenny Phillips, Mike Jenkins and Aqib Talib could be available to help out the secondary.  And Calais Campbell and Phillip Merling could be around to help solidify the defensive line.

If I had to rank the other 2 deals, I'd prefer the Chad Johnson deal over the Marion Barber one.  I'm not too high on the idea of trading down out of the top 15 picks and the WR position is a much bigger need for the Dolphins than the RB position.

Well that's all for now.  Feel free to send your e-mails to

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