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Getting to know Mr. Henning

So what can we expect with Dan Henning now running the offense?  That's what a lot of Dolphin fans are asking themselves.  First, let's talk about the type of player Henning likes:

"The type of player I like and that I have had success with in the past is one that never gives up," Henning told the Winston-Salem Journal just before the Panthers, in his second season with them, played the Super Bowl. "They don't care what the score is or what the situation is."

"I like to look at things when it's not going well to see who is giving 100 percent effort and who is giving that little extra and who likes to play the game."

Well alright.  Henning will be able to analyze this fairly easily, given the Dolphins were out of playoff contention early last year and, often times, were not even really in the game.  And this statement could bode well for John Beck.  Beck, despite his team basically ready to start their offseason during the 2nd half of that Cincinnati game in week 17, played very well in that game.  He moved around the pocket when he needed to and made solid, quick decisions.  Henning will surely like that.

He'll probably also like the play of three other rookies on the offensive side of the ball.  Samson Satele, from what I saw, never gave up out there during any game.  Ted Ginn certainly never did, either.  And he and John Beck seemed to work well together, especially in that last game.  Lorenzo Booker is another guy who was giving it his all despite his team's struggles.  So, despite the 1-15 record, I think Henning will like some of what he sees out of his new players in regards to their efforts on the field.

Another interesting quote came from Dom Capers back when he was with the Texans:

"One of the things I like about Carolina's offense is that they only run about four running plays," former Dolphins defensive coordinator Dom Capers told the Winston-Salem Journal back then as coach of the Texans. "Henning does a great job of changing formations and motioning to where you can't tell exactly what's coming. It's a lot of window dressing. There's a lot of camouflage. ... They're very good at that."

An innovative running attack?  I'm just drooling thinking of the possibilities with guys like Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, and Lorenzo Booker.  So while we will probably see conservative play calling (Henning likes to run...a lot), these running plays will likely feature a lot of disguises in the form of motions and shifts.  

That sure seems more exciting than the "pound up the middle play after play" technique of Cam Cameron.  

Hopefully it works better, too.

**UPDATE**: In case you want to know more about Henning, head over to this link that was sent to me by Alpha6.