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Super Bowl XLII Open Thread


New England Patriots vs New York Giants

Well this is it. Super Bowl Sunday is here. Will the Patriots join our beloved 1972 Miami Dolphins as the only undefeated teams in NFL history? We'll know in just a few hours.

I don't want to get into this game too much, as the national media has done a very good job these past 2 weeks of beating this dead horse. I'll say just a few things.

First off, if the Patriots are able to jump out to a quick lead (say 14-3, for example), then it's over. And it could be ugly. But if the Giants' defense can start out the game and get a couple of stops, this game could get interesting. I think, like in week 17, the Giants will be able to move the ball. But will they be able to score touchdowns? That's something the Chargers couldn't do two weeks ago, and it cost them. You can't trade field goals for touchdowns with the Pats.

All in all, I'm having a hard time seeing the Patriots losing this game. Bill Belichick doesn't lose when he gets 2 weeks to prepare for a team. And the Pats didn't come this far just to choke in the biggest game in their lives. However, I will be different and not pick Tom Brady as MVP.

Prediction: Pats win 37-24
MVP: Randy Moss

Thoughts? Do the Giants have a realistic shot?