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Free Agency/Trade Rumors - Part II

Just like I did last night, this thread will stay continually updated throughout the day, at least until tonight, with all the latest news/rumors:

4:37 pm: So that's it for me today in terms of these kinds of updates. After all, it is Friday night. So here's the deal. If the Dolphins sign anybody (hopefully Calvin Pace), I'll try to post it. But I'll also need all your help. Feel free to post a diary that includes a link if the Dolphins reportedly sign someone. But, please, no more than one per player signed. Also, don't copy and paste the whole article into the diary post. The mainstream media doesn't like that much. Thanks!

4:32 pm: The Washington Post is reporting that the Dolphins are showing a lot of interest in OL Jason Fabini. He's a Parcells favorite and a guy who can play guard or tackle, though likely in a reserve role at this point in his career.

4:02 pm: Adam Schefter is reporting that Justin Smith is also visiting Miami today. No link for this one, as it's on the bottom ticker on NFL Network.

3:45 pm: The Sun-Sentinel tells us that what is slowing down negotiations with Calvin Pace is that his agent is seeking "Joey Porter money," which is $20 million in guarantees.

3:38 pm: The Miami Herald reports that Texans' LB Charlie Anderson is in Miami for a visit. Anderson played strong-side LB in Houston, but Rotoworld believes he could be a candidate to kick inside in a 3-4.

2:50 pm: Dolphins sign two more. They've come to terms with Ernest Wilford and Randy Starks. More to come in a new post...

2:33 pm: A couple of Dolphin nuggets from Adam Schefter:

The Dolphins signed former Jets free-agent tight end Sean Ryan to a one-year deal and were expecting visits from Arizona linebacker Calvin Pace, Oakland quarterback Josh McCown and Tennessee defensive tackle Randy Starks. Talks with Starks, for one, are heating up.

2:15 pm: The Sun-Sentinel offers up this little nugget:

The Dolphins are also trying to iron out deals with Cardinals 6-5, 270-pound linebacker Calvin Pace, who is in town, along with Jaguars free-agent receiver Ernest Wilford and Titans defensive tackle Randy Starks, according to sources.

2:00 pm: There's a post on FinHeaven's message board by one of their users, Boomer, who is reporting that Titans' free agent DT Randy Starks will be signing with the Dolphins soon. Here's the link to the thread by Boomer. More on this if it becomes offical (or if it gets mentioned by another media outlet. However, Boomer is a very well known and respected Dolphin fan and a reliable source of info.

Thanks to Phintastical One for e-mailing me this.

12:41 pm: The Dolphins are busy! They've signed LB Reggie Torbor, according to The Bergen Record. More on this one to come...

12:34 pm: AMEN!! Alex Marvez is reporting that the Jaguars signed Cleo Lemon to a 3 year deal worth $8.1 million. It's amazing that a team would sign a scrub like Lemon to a deal worth $8.1 million when he has just one more career NFL win than you and I do. But thank goodness he's out of Miami! Good riddance!!

12:20 pm: Jason Ferguson is a Miami Dolphin. The Cowboys and Dolphins have agreed on a deal sending to Miami the massive NT. More on this coming...

12:08 pm: Wow. Did anyone see how much money the Jets are giving Kris Jenkins. Adam Schefter is reporting that it's a 5 year, $35 million deal with $20 million in guarantees. The Jets also had to give up 2 mid-round picks to get him. That's a HUGE investment.

11:37 am: The Palm Beach Post reports that the Dolphins have offered Patrick Cobbs, an exclusive rights free agent, a $445,000 tender offer to remain in Miami next year. Also, the Post reports the Dolphins are indeed interested in Marques Douglas, but nothing is "imminent."

11:32 am: NFL Network is reporting that the Dolphins have signed TE Sean Ryan. Ryan is 4 years into the league, spending his first 2 in Dallas and his 2 most recent in New York with the Jets. He's got good size, at 6'5, 265, but is limited in experience. He has just 9 career catches for 90 yards, but is only 27 years old. He's also a better blocking tight end than receiving, something the Dolphins have lacked. They thought Justin Peelle would be a solid blocker, but struggled last year in that regard.

Another hat tip to finguy23 for pointing out this tidbit as well.

11:25 am: Here's an interesting thought to consider as we await any news on Calvin Pace (or any other free agent) courtesy of PFT and it's in reference to the Dolphins "breaking the bank" on Pace:

Such a move would immediately call into question Porter’s future with the team. He’s due to earn a base salary of $4.8 million in 2008.

It also might prompt 2006 NFL defensive player of the year Jason Taylor to blow his stack. There were rumblings a year ago that Taylor was not pleased that he didn’t get an adjustment after Porter received his windfall. If the Fins do it again, that might be the last straw for Taylor.

A hat tip to finguy23 for pointing out this tidbit below in the "comments" section.

10:28 am: PFT is reporting that Derek Anderson has signed a long-term extension with the Browns, according to Adam Schefter. Anderson will receive over $14 million in guaranteed money. This is great news, as now these rumors of Miami giving up anything to get Anderson will finally end.

10:22 am: According to the Miami Herald, the Dolphins had $39.5 million in cap space. And this is following the signings of guys like Greg Camarillo, Michael Lehan, and David Kircus. So following the Smiley signing, we can assume the Dolphins have between $32 million and $34 million left, depending on how his deal is structured. Also, if the Jason Ferguson deal does go through, that's another $4 million on the books.

10:14 am: ProFootballTalk is reporting that Todd Collins has re-signed with the Redskins, according to a league source. As I said below, McCown is coming to Miami today for a visit and it'll be interesting to see what comes of it, as veteran signal callers will be coming off the board quickly.

10:11 am: Alex Marvez is reporting that the Dolphins are ready "preparing to offer Calvin Pace the same kind of mega-deal that Adalius Thomas and Joey Porter received in free agency last offseason."  If the Dolphins have it their way, Pace will not leave South Florida when he comes to visit today.  Pace, along with QB Josh McCown, are two confirmed visits, according to the Miami Herald.