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Dolphins sign Justin Smiley

That's right.  Free agency has begun and Miami has made their first move.  The Dolphins have signed guard Justin Smiley to a 5 year, $25 million deal that includes $9 million in guaranteed money, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.  He will reportedly fly to Miami this morning and sign the contract to make it official.  Here's what he told the paper:

"I'm very excited about the opportunity. Miami called as soon as they were able to call me and told me they'd like to have me down there. They called me right after it (free agency) started. They offered me that (contract). I feel very blessed. It feels good to have security. I want to go down there and give them every penny's worth and play hard for them."

"To me, it seems like a good fit, me being from the South. There are a lot of other factors you have to weigh when you're considering a situation like this. I talked to them just a little while ago, and this is flattering that they came after me like this."

Smiley told the paper that he is slated to start a right guard, taking over the spot vacated by Rex Hadnot.

Now, he is coming off of a torn labrum last season, but is fully expected to be ready to go once camp rolls around. At 6'3, 311, he's an athletic guard who is just entering the prime of his career. He'll be 27 in November.

Here's the Scouts, Inc scouting report on Smiley:

Smiley is well-built, athletic and instinctive. He has good upside. He moves very well over short areas. He has good initial quickness. He pulls and traps effectively. He is quick into the hole and adjusts very well on the move. He is aware, alert and takes solid angles. He shows a solid feel for pass protection. He senses twists and stunts, and he can pass off and recover. He is a technically sound player who rarely gets out of position. He plays with good leverage, quick hands and very good hand placement. But Smiley lacks functional power. He gets overmatched in too many one-on-one matchups against bulky or strong defenders. He sometimes loses his power angles on down blocks. He doesn't play with great balance and winds up on the ground too often.

And here is what Fooch, from Niners Nation, tells me about Smiley, our new right guard:

Aside from the left tackle (b/c of the blind side protection), the 49ers have always viewed offensive linemen as relatively replaceable and interchangeable. The 49ers will use the likes of Dave Baas and Tony Wragge, as well as potential draft pick replacements. Nonetheless, Smiley is a solid guard who should be able to provide a capable and good but not great option at guard.

One last scouting report. It's a bit biased, coming from the 49ers' official website:

Outstanding drive blocker with superb power and incredible quickness for position…Has started every game for the last two seasons…Very emotional player, commands respect from teammates and opponents…Shows quickness and agility coming out of stance…Very effective getting out and moving pile on traps and sweeps…Uses sudden burst to reach or cut off linebackers at second level…Shows above average lateral agility, especially when working in space…Delivers good pop and explosion with hands…Has very good reactions and keen field vision, showing instinctive reactions in blocking.

A big thanks to Fooch, as he was also the one who sent me the Scouts, Inc info from ESPN Insider.

Thoughts on this deal?