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Let the madness begin...

Well this is it.  Free agency is officially open for business as of right now!  Teams will be scheduling visits with players.  Agents will be trying their damnedest to squeeze as much money out of teams as they possibly can.  And front offices around the league will be looking to make those changes needed to put their team over the top.  Or in the Dolphins' case, to get them back to just being a bad team rather than a terrible, almost "historically bad" team.  And all the while, us fans will be hanging by every media report and every internet rumor, clinging to the hope that inspires all fans this time of year.

But is it just me, or does something seem different this year?  There's some kind of difference between how I feel now and how I've felt on the start of free agency the past 5 to 8 years.  What is that difference?  Wait, I know what it is.  I've figured it out.  It's the feeling of actually being confident in Miami's front office.  It's also the feeling of knowing that the front office and the coaching staff are going to work together to do what's best for the franchise as a whole.  Yes indeed, it's a new era of Miami Dolphins football.

And we are now officially at the beginning of this new era.  Sure, this regime's already done a roster purge.  But it wasn't until right now that they have the ability to make some much needed changes to this team.  Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland now have the keys to the franchise in their hands.  All that's left to do as fans is to sit back and see where the road takes us.

If you can't help but to feel optimistic, you are not alone.  I, too, have this strange feeling of optimism in my gut.  But why?  What has this franchise done recently for me to have this feeling?  Nothing, really.  If anything, my gut should be feeling pessimistic, waiting for the next colossal blunder by this team.  But not this time.  No, no.  For once in a long, long time, this once proud franchise is in capable hands.  It's in the hands of two key people who have a track record of success; who clearly have the ability to evaluate talent and bring in players who will have a positive impact.

So while we all have opinions on who the Dolphins should and shouldn't sign this offseason, I think the best thing to do is to just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Am I saying to blindly follow Bill and Jeff?  Of course not.  I won't, either.  But what we all should do is at least give these two the benefit of the doubt and wait to judge them at least until we see how the entire offseason plays out, draft included.

And as this offseason does play out, be sure to head on over here to the site, check for updates (as I plan to hopefully update often with all the breaking Dolphins news/rumors), and voice your opinion on how things are unfolding and what you think will follow.

Like I said, it's a new era and it starts now.  And like all of you, I'm excited to see where this road leads us!