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Rumor: Ernest Wilford to the Dolphins??

So here's the deal.  I received an e-mail about 35 minutes ago from somebody who claims he has "first hand knowledge" and he just wanted to congratulate Dolphin fans on landing Jaguars WR Ernest Wilford.  Here's part of the e-mail I received:

It seems like the Dolphins will be signing Ernest Wilford tomorrow.  Don't ask for a link, as this is first hand information.  As a Jags fan, I'm sad to see him go.  He's got a lot of potential, has good hands, and is big and physical.  He also is a great asset to the community and a true role model.  He doesn't have much speed but he will go over the middle every down if necessary.  I hate to see him leave, but after all, the NFL is a business.  Good luck to him.

I'm obviously a little skeptical, but we'll see what happens.  His name is "James" according to the e-mail and I did e-mail him back.  He claims that he' so sure about this signing that if Wilford doesn't land in Miami, I can give out his e-mail to everyone and you all can e-mail him and harass him all you want.  Sounds like a fair deal to me.

If this is the case and Wilford does become a Dolphin, I think it's a good move.  He'll likely be inexpensive.  He's only 29 and at 6'4, 218, is the kind of big target the Dolphins need at WR.  He has reliable hands and will work the middle of the field, as the e-mailer said.  He's also a good redzone threat.  But what I like even more is that he's the kind of receiver who loves to get dirty and block downfield for his running back.  

Again, though, let me reiterate that this is JUST SPECULATION and is coming from an e-mailer.  

But it is food for thought.

[editor's note, by Matty I] It's come to my attention that the person who e-mailed me (and I'm still waiting for a reply from him to get permission to post his entire e-mail) may have ripped off the information from a post over on FinHeaven. I can't access FH at the moment from where I am now, but one of my readers sent me the link to the thread in FH's forum where this "James" character may have gotten the Wilford info. Here's the link to that FH thread. If this info was just ripped off of FinHeaven, then I do apologize. But I didn't have any idea because "James," the person who e-mailed me the Wilford info, claims he has a minor connection to the Jags organization that told him about it. And a thanks to s55ean for pointing out this issue in the comments section below. [end note]