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Rumor: Dolphins considering move for Derek Anderson?

This has to be one of the absolute worst rumors I've seen yet.  Seriously, if this was to ever happen, I might have to boycott being a Dolphins fan.  The rumor comes to us from East Coast Sports News:

Rumors are spreading throughout the league that both the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens will pursue Browns quarterback Derek Anderson in free agency if the Browns are unable to reach a deal with Anderson before the free agency deadline expires...the Brown will likely use the highest tender on Anderson which would force any team that signs him to surrender their first and third round picks in the 2008 Draft with the Browns having the right to match any offer on the table...rumors are spreading that the Dolphins who own the first pick overall will deal that pick to the Cowboys for both of the Cowboys picks in the first round, which is less than the value chart but agreeable to both teams...the Dolphins would then surrender one of those first round picks plus a third to Cleveland for Anderson...the Dolphins would then come away with Anderson but still have a first round pick in the's a strategy that has been widely speculated throughout the league over the past several weeks.

Let me get this straight.  Under this scenario, the Dolphins would end up with Derek Anderson, only 1 first round pick (and it would be in the 20s) and they'd also lose their 3rd rounder.  Hmmmm.....NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Again, let me just take the time to say that Derek Anderson really isn't that good.  If he was, the Browns wouldn't be so quick to part with him.  We also have talked a lot this offseason about how Anderson had a good season because he had terrific protection from his line and has some great skill players around him.  And we've even pointed out here that he actually had a higher percentage of poor throws than both John Beck and Cleo Lemon.

So why in the world should the Dolphins make a move like this for him?

Ugh.  If they ever did this kind of trade, let's just say my allegiance to the Dolphins would be in doubt (well, at least for a few days).

Of course, this could be just another example of a Bill Parcells/Jeff Irelans smoke screen, getting teams to believe that the Dolphins are indeed looking for a QB.

We shall see...