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Free Agency Predictions

With less than 24 hours to go now until the free agency period officially kicks off, I thought it might be fun to put our names on the line and make some predictions.

Prediction #1:  List 5 players you think the Dolphins will sign.  These players can be restricted free agents, unrestricted free agents, and Miami's own free agents.

Prediction #2:  Tell us what team you think the following free agents will end up with:  Michael Turner, Bernard Berrian, Alan Faneca, Justin Smith, Lance Briggs, and Asante Samuel.

Here are my predictions:

The Dolphins will sign...

Flozell Adams - Yes, he's old.  But Tony Sparano loves him and he's a guy that can come in here and provide some stability along the line, letting our QB (whoever it will be) actually have a chance to make plays down field rather than being forced to run for his life and throw short, quick passes under pressure.

Justin Smiley - He's a guy who, at only 26, is just entering the prime of his career and who is a solid blocker.  He is coming off of a torn labrum, though, but is reportedly going to be fine by the time camp rolls around.

Eugene Wilson - The Dolphins need some help at safety.  Wilson can come in here and, if he can stay healthy, is an instant upgrade as free safety.

Jacques Reeves - Reeves is only 25 and played relatively well as a starter in Dallas last year while filling in for the injured Terence Newman and Anthony Henry.  He's a player who could provide solid depth, but I'd be worried if he is counted on to start opposite Will Allen.  With his obvious ties to Todd Bowles, I think I'd be more surprised if he didn't end up in Miami.

Bryant Johnson - The Dolphins clearly need to bring in at least one receiver.  It won't be Bernard Berrian, that's for sure.  Will it be Johnson?  I have no idea, as I haven't really even heard anything about him on the market.  So, really, this is more wishful thinking than based on any known facts or rumors.  He's a big, physical receiver that would be a good fit starting opposite of Ted Ginn.

Now for the predictions of those other 6 players I mentioned above...

Michael Turner:  I think it's going to be between the Bucs and the Texans.  The Bucs have more cap room but Turner will probably get more carries in Houston.  Considering he probably doesn't want to take the chance of possibly losing carries after sitting for years behind LaDainian Tomlinson, I think he'll end up in Houston.

Bernard Berrian:  The Vikings seem to have a good receiver in Sidney Rice, but they need another.  Berrian would make an ideal match to pair up with Rice and give Minnesota a legitimate deep threat to coincide with their great 1-2 punch at running back.

Alan Faneca:  A lot of teams are going to want this guy, including the Dolphins.  But I think it will be the Jets who offer up the most cash to reel him in.  After all, the Jets saw last year after trading Pete Kendall how important a great, veteran guard is to help out both Nick Mangold and D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

Justin Smith:  I think it's going to come down to 2 teams, the 49ers and the Rams.  He's from St. Louis, but I don't think he will give the Rams a hometown discount.  Look for the Niners to throw more cash his way and for him to land in San Fran.

Lance Briggs:  This one will be interesting, as I don't really have any good idea on where he'll end up.  So I'll say he lands in Tampa Bay.  After all, he'll be a perfect fit in that defense and the Bucs do have a boatload of cap room to spend.

Asante Samuel:  I know I'm not going out on a limb here, but I think he will eventually end up in New Orleans.  They really need a top corner to bolster that defense and they, too, have a ton of cap room (just under $40 million according to

Again, just to reiterate...

Prediction #1:  5 Dolphins
Flozell Adams
Justin Smiley
Eugene Wilson
Jacques Reeves
Bryant Johnson

Prediction #2:  The other 6 players we're going to try and predict
Michael Turner - Texans
Bernard Berrian - Vikings
Alan Faneca - Jets
Justin Smith - 49ers
Lance Briggs - Bucs
Asante Samuel - Saints

So what are your predictions?  Post them below.  Again, it's 5 Dolphin signings and then predict the destination of those 6 top free agents above.

I plan on keeping track and, once all is said and done, seeing who gets the most correct.  You won't win anything, but it'll give you some bragging rights I suppose.

Go post your predictions prior to the start of free agency at 12:01 am on Friday.