The Draft: An Indecent Proposal

What if they held a draft and nobody came?

So the big question on the minds of all Dolphins fans is: what will Miami do with the first pick in the draft?  We have lots of needs, and there are lots of option.  Let's peruse them.  Some of us favor Jake Long, at LT.  Others say Long is better suited to RT, and both the draft and FA are deep at the OT position.  Good points.  Some people favor Chris Long, at DE or OLB.  Others say either position is not one where we have our greatest needs, and Long might be a tweener, regardless.  Some people favor Matt Ryan, at QB.  Others say taking a QB at #1 would be too expensive, especially given that we just drafted a QB last season, and Ryan doesn't seem to be a #1 QB.  

Glenn Dorsey is pretty much out of the running now, given his health problems.  There's McFadden, universally regarded the biggest talent in the draft, but RB is the one position we're actually pretty deep at.

The upshot is: there's nobody in this draft who's worth a #1 pick, this year, to these Miami Dolphins.  If we could, we'd trade down out of the top spot, snag one of the Longs or maybe Sedrick Ellis or even Ryan, and not have to pay them so much more than they're worth to us.  The problem is -- as, ahem, I predicted back in Nov. -- nobody particularly wants to trade up to our spot.  So there's nobody we particularly want at #1, and there's nobody to trade down with.

So how about this: when the commish announces the Dolphins are on the clock on draft day, Jeff Ireland goes to the podium and says, "Pass."

That's right.  With the #1 pick, the Miami Dolphins select nobody.  Let the Rams pay somebody out the ass, if they want to.  If not, they can pass, and let the Falcons inherit the problem.  Honestly, it wouldn't bother me one bit if that's what we did on draft day.  The NFL would go apey, of course, but maybe seeing somebody do something so drastic on draft day would cause them to restructure the way the draft works.

Or, if passing is just too much for you, how about this: a couple weeks before the draft, we buttonhole some kid we'd like to take in a later round and say, "Looky here.  We'll draft you #1 if you'll commit right now to a reasonable contract and guarantee you'll show up for training camp on day one."

I think I still prefer just passing, but that's partly just because I'd like to watch the ensuing train wreck.  What do you think?

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