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Weekend Roundup

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  As expected, there was a lot of news this weekend thanks to the NFL Scouting Combine as well as the fact that free agency begins on Friday.  Here are some of the highlights from this weekend.

As originally pointed out by LeftCoastFinFan in this diary, the Dolphins are indeed interested in trading for Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall, according to the Miami Herald.  Hall, just 24 years old, is a highly talented corner but is yet to reach his full potential in Atlanta.  But ever since rumors started about the Falcons talking to teams about potentially trading Hall, Hall has made it known that he does want out of Atlanta.  Here's what Hall said this weekend about the idea of coming to the Dolphins:

"I don't know [Dolphins vice president of football operations] Bill Parcells. I know Keyshawn Johnson talks to him two or three times a month. If [Johnson] respects the guy that much, I can get along with him."

Meanwhile, Hall met new Falcons head coach Mike Smith for the first time on Sunday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  The two were spotted "in deep discussions over the cornerback's future."  However, neither commented publicly about what was said.

So what's it going to cost to get Hall?  That's what most are wondering.  It was reported a few days ago that the Giants have offered their 31st overall pick for Hall.  That leads me to believe that Miami's 32nd pick, plus just a little something extra, could get it done.  But is trading the #32 pick for a 24 year old cornerback worth it?  I'd say it is, but only if the Dolphins believe Hall will respect this new coaching staff in Miami.

But then there's another trade idea that many Dolphin fans have been pondering.  Would the Falcons trade their #3 pick and Hall for Miami's #1 pick?  It's probably too soon to know this because, honestly, I don't think the Falcons even know who they most want to pick in April's draft.  There are reports that Atlanta loves both Matt Ryan and Darren McFadden.  Considering there's a good shot that at least 1, if not both, will be available at #3, I'm beginning to think the Falcons will not end up considering a trade up to #1 overall.  

As Offer Doll first posted in this diary, Darren McFadden ran an unofficial 4.27 40 yard dash at the Combine.  However, the time was adjusted and the official time is now 4.33 seconds.  Regardless, Dolphin fans are thinking that this performance by the top running back in this year's draft will benefit the Dolphins.  And it still possibly could benefit Miami.  Perhaps his showing has gotten other teams that pick in the top 10 considering a trade up to #1.  But I actually don't think it helps Miami's cause to move out of the top pick and, if anything, it might actually hurt them.

I mentioned above that the Falcons, who are believed to love Matt Ryan, also are now believed to love Darren McFadden, according to the Denver Post.  So with Atlanta in love with these 2 players, I'm getting the feeling that the Falcons will end up deciding it isn't worth it to move up to #1 overall.  After all, it's safe to assume the Rams will not pick either Ryan or McFadden at #2.  So the Falcons might be thinking that, without having to give up anything extra AND without having to pay the $35+ million in guaranteed money that the top pick will command, they will be able to land one of their 2 main targets.

The other possibility that we've heard all offseason is the idea that the Cowboys will move up to #1 to take McFadden, who Jerry Jones is believed to absolutely be enamored with.  However, Adam Schefter, among others on the NFL Network, all feel that there's virtually no chance the Cowboys move from picks #22 and #28 all the way up to #1 regardless of how much Jones likes and admires McFadden.  And now even Jones is publicly saying that a trade isn't likely.  Here's what Jones told the Palm Beach Post:

(On if the Dolphins and Cowboys have even chatted about this idea)
"We haven't talked about that at all."

(On if Jones has interest in the #1 pick)
"That's a high-value, high-cost pick there. That, pretty much, when you start looking at the numbers involved with that pick, that kind of diminishes your interest."

All this could change at any time, but if you ask me at this point in time, I do not think the Dolphins will be able to trade down.  Not even after McFadden's impressive running at the Combine on Sunday.

It was pointed out by stiza007 in a diary, but something I wanted to just quickly highlight, is that there are growing concerns about Glenn Dorsey's lingering stress fracture.  Here's what Mike Sando writes in ESPN's Hashmarks blog:

An NFL team doctor told that there are serious concerns over the lingering effects of a 2006 stress fracture in the right tibia of LSU's highly-rated defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey.

The team doctor told the stress fracture is in an area of the tibia that is difficult to heal.

Dorsey played most of the 2006 season at LSU with the injury, and took painkillers before every game. He wore a bone stimulator for up to 18 hours per day until he was cleared to practice in the spring of 2007.

Dorsey also suffered from some lower back issues last season as well.  With all that said, though, NFL Network's Mike Mayock said that he went back and watched the National Championship game and believes that Dorsey had about as dominating of a game as a defensive tackle can have.  And in that game, Dorsey was the healthiest he was all season.

While that's good to know and all, I do NOT see how the Dolphins could even consider taking a player like Dorsey with the #1 pick.  You can't pay a guy like Dorsey the ridiculous contract the top pick demands knowing he has a stress fracture that could bother him all career long.  However, I think the belief that Dorsey might take an "Alan Branch-esque" dive out of the first round of the draft is quite a stretch.

ProFootball Talk has a short little post about how the Dolphins will not let what goes on in Indy at the Combine have too much of an effect on who they take #1 overall.

And incase you're wondering who they reportedly are considering now, here's what PFT reports:

They supposedly like defensive end Chris Long, defensive end/linebacker Vernon Gholston, quarterback Matt Ryan, and defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis.  The thinking is that they'll pass on an offensive lineman in round one because they believe that the draft is deep in that category, and that they can address those needs later.

Interesting info.  I'll be interested in seeing what Long and Gholston both run in the 40 yard dash later today.  I suspect Gholston to prove to have the speed to play outside linebacker.  But Long's speed is a question mark.  What we do know is Gholston is quite strong, tying Jake Long for the most reps of 225 lbs at the Combine with 37.

Speaking of the top pick, be sure to vote in the new poll over to the right of the screen which asks who you WANT the Dolphins to draft #1 overall if they can't trade the pick.

And as always, leave your thoughts below...