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Huizenga sells 50% of Dolphins & Dolphin Stadium

Owner Wayne Huizenga has announced today that he reached a deal to sell 50% of the Dolphins, Dolphin Stadium, and the land around the stadium to Stephen Ross. Ross is the chairman of the Related Companies, a company that deals with international real estate development. Here's what Wayne says of the transaction:

"I have always said that I wanted to bring in a partner, and I can't think of anyone more appropriate than Steve. He has unbridled enthusiasm and I couldn't feel better about the future than I do with Steve as my partner and Bill Parcells running football operations."
And here is Ross's first public comments about this:
"Having grown up in South Florida, Dolphins football has been a lifetime passion for me. I am energized by this opportunity and look forward to being able to once again watch the Dolphins win a Super Bowl alongside all the other loyal Dolphin fans."
This move doesn't mean much right now to the Dolphins, though. Wayne is still the principle owner of the team.