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Dolphins interested in Williamson? Vikings interested in Lemon?

Talk about swapping some bad players.

As originally posted by hotrod43 in this diary, the Vikings are reportedly showing interest in free agent QB Cleo Lemon.  Tim Graham writes that there are "murmurs the Vikings are highly interested" in Lemon.  What do I think?  TAKE HIM!  PLEASE!!!

Actually, it really doesn't matter if the Vikings take him or not because all indications are that Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano are going to let him walk without even giving it a 2nd thought.  In fact, when asked about re-signing Lemon, Parcells said, "Hahahahahahaha!!"  OK, I made that up.  But if you did ask him, I bet that would basically be his response.

Speaking of bad players, it's being reported that 8-10 teams are interested in Vikings WR Troy Williamson.  One of them is believed to be...the Dolphins.  Here's what some of this article says:

David Canter, the agent for Troy Williamson, said today that eight to 10 teams have expressed interest in the receiver since the Vikings gave Canter permission to shop his client in a 4 p.m. meeting on Thursday.

"It's a phenomenal situation, I'm really happy about it," Canter said of gaining the ability to seek a trade for Williamson. "I wanted it, I pushed for it. I talked about it obviously towards the end of the season. I thought it was pretty obvious it was going to happen.

"Troy couldn't be more excited. We have a tremendous amount of interest as you probably would expect. It's very rare that a young guy like Troy, who is only three years in, who is a top-10 pick comes free. Obviously, the Vikings and I - Rick Spielman, Rob Brzezinski and I - have been in discussions already with about eight to 10 teams. There already have been offers exchanged, there have been discussions with me, there have been discussions with them."

Canter did not reveal the teams that have expressed interest in his client but the Miami Dolphins are believed to be among the clubs.

Oh god no!  Let's hope this is just some bullsh*t that Williamson's agent is making up in order to drum up interest in his client.  After all, Troy Williamson is now synonymous with the word "bust."  Why bring him to Miami when the Dolphins already have one super fast, 6 foot tall receiver?  And ours (Ted Ginn) can catch the ball, too!!

Seriously, if the Dolphins were to trade ANYTHING for this scrub, I would be very unhappy.  Again, I generally like to think that the front office knows better than us fans.  But my god, Troy Williamson is terrible.  Why, oh why, trade ANYTHING for him??