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Cowboys tag Ken Hamlin

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Cowboys have indeed franchised safety Ken Hamlin.  From a Cowboys standpoint, it makes a lot of sense.  Now they get extra time to try and work out a long-term deal with their pro-bowl safety and, in the meantime, only have to pay him just over $4 million in 2008 if a long-term deal isn't struck before the season.  

For the Dolphins, though, this eliminates one potential player who could have been available to boost Miami's secondary.  Of course, other options at safety do exist.  The Giants are yet to re-sign Gibril Wilson and Madieu Williams is expected to leave Cincinnati this offseason.  Really, though, with Hamlin gone, the only safety I'd want the Dolphins to really target now is Wilson, who really came into his own in 2007 as part of that Super Bowl Champion team.

Another low priced option, though, might be Eugene Wilson.  The only problem there is that injuries have really gotten to him the past couple of years, limiting his time on the field and his effectiveness when he is able to play.