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Keyshawn Johnson considering return; Dolphins a possibility

We first heard the rumors about Keyshawn Johnson possibly returning to the NFL about 2 weeks ago when it was reported that Bill Parcells had reached out to Johnson and told him there's a spot in Miami for him if he so chooses.

Now it seems Johnson is, indeed, considering a return to the NFL.  Here's what Keyshawn told Yahoo! Sports:

"I like challenges. The challenge of helping to turn a team around, to help get it to the next level, that gets my competitive fires burning. I have the itch, and right now I'm trying to decide how strong that itch is."

Obviously, with Johnson having a great relationship with Parcells, and now with Johnson saying he likes the "challenge of helping turn a team around," it's easy to see why the Dolphins are likely suitors for Keyshawn.  

Yahoo's Michael Silver writes this about the Parcells/Johnson relationship:

The two men speak frequently, though Johnson says they have not discussed his possible signing with the Dolphins in anything but an abstract sense. Parcells, through a Dolphins spokesman, declined to comment on Johnson's potential return.

I've gone on record to saying that I think signing Johnson wouldn't be a bad idea for the right price.  But what will that price be?  Last year, he turned down a 2 year, $8 million offer from the Titans and decided to go to ESPN.  Considering he'll be 36 by the time the season starts, it's hard to imagine he expects to be paid around $4 million per year after sitting out a year.  If that is, indeed, his price, then Miami should say "no thanks" and move on.

However, if Johnson is willing to take a deal that is around $2 million per year and has some incentives that could increase to, say, $3 million, that would seem fair and logical to me.

Thoughts on this?